“Bloody Pastor” Turchynov Attributed Georgia, Serbia, Russia, & Mount Athos to The “Uncivilised World”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


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The head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Aleksandr Turchynov published an address in connection with the new public holiday – Catholic and Protestant Christmas.

He begun the congratulations very originally: with a reminder that Jesus Christ never perceived populism. He didn’t promise “everything, and already today”.

So, obviously, one of permanent heads of post-Maidan Ukraine decided to actualise his address “on the topic of the day” to residents of Ukraine, the vast majority of who have fallen into the sin of despondency with the socio-economic “achievements” of the “Revolution of Dignity”.

It’s as if it’s not the same Turchynov who, along with the other leaders of Euromaidan, promised immediate happiness to all Ukrainians from the quick accession to the EU, Euro-association, multi-billion tranches from the IMF, European pensions and salaries, a visa-free regime, etc. nonsense about the EU.

Then, the head of the NSDC decided to show off his “knowledge”. He reported that the decision to celebrate Christmas on December 25th allegedly “was made in 431 at the III Ecumenical council in the city the Ephesus. But instead of brilliant erudition, shows only very muddy contents of a brilliant cranium.

Firstly, the holiday of Christmas was introduced at the initiative of the sainted Cyril of Alexandria in front of the Council of Ephesus.

Secondly, December 25th was THEN considered IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE JULIAN CALENDAR, according to which December 25th (old style) and Christmas are celebrated nowadays by believers of the most numerous Russian Orthodox Church in the world (including in Ukraine), the Serbian Church, Jerusalem, Polish, monks of Athos, and many parishes in other local churches of the world. The Vatican will only accept the Gregorian calendar (which as a result will be less exact even from an astronomical point of view) later – more than 1,000 years after the date specified by Turchynov.

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And, finally, thirdly. Even if we are talking about the Council of Ephesus – why does it matter to sectarian Turchynov if Protestants don’t recognise the acts of Ecumenical councils?!

“In those days there was no split and distribution of Christian churches into orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant,” Turchynov explains, having “forgotten” to specify that no Catholic or Protestant churches existed back then. They will be invented only in the next millennium.

“According to the Gregorian calendar, under which all the civilised world now lives, the whole world also celebrates Christmas on December 25th,” said the head of the NSDC and Baptist of likbiz.

Here it is only necessary to indeed congratulate the vast majority of Christians in Ukraine. The Protestant Turchynov recognised them as uncivilised. And with them – the parishioners of all the aforementioned local Churches.

And with this one of the leaders of the Ukrainian regime isn’t that far removed from his forerunners of the 1940’s.

His justifications for the transition of the celebration of Christmas to a new style, almost word for word repeats the announcements of Hitler’s occupational power in Ukraine.

“We celebrate Christmas today, on December 25th, together with all the civilised world,” wrote Turchynov on social networks back in 2016.

“Turchynov’s one phrase has categorised millions of his co-citizens as “the uncivilised world,” said the Director of the Center for Eurasian Studies Vladimir Kornilov, commenting on the Baptist’s “congratulations”.

The political scientist paid attention to the fact that the words of one of the leaders of the Kiev regime practically repeat the similar “congratulations” of Hitler’s occupational power of 1941.

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Giving the corresponding clippings from the Ukrainian collaborationist newspapers, Kornilov emphasises: “Even the motivation is the same: ‘among all civilised people’, ‘around the world, except Asiatic Russia’. However, back then they honestly added: ‘for the ideals of the future coexistence of cultural peoples that were proclaimed by the ingenious leader of the Great German People — Adolf Hitler'”.

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