“Bloody Pastor” Turchynov & Co Shed Crocodile Tears for Cannon Fodder Killed in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




Today in the town of Boyarka in the Kiev region Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Aleksandr Turchynov and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov opened a memorial to the policemen killed in the zone of military operations in Donbass.

In the beginning, Oleksandr Turchynov gave a solemn speech to the audience and journalists.

Turchynov is long known as the Baptist pastor, who himself has repeatedly stated that he is a preacher in the sect of Evangelical Baptist-Christians. However, having seen the speech of Turchynov, it became clear why he is called the “bloody pastor”. Because he wasn’t speaking, he rather was preaching, which was really bloody.

Playing to the audience, Turchynov, almost crying (of course he was just pretending), began to talk about how Russia “invaded” Ukraine and how he managed to prevent the transformation of “Independent” Ukraine into a “Russian colony”.

NSDC Secretary embedded the word “Sirs” between every word and boasted of how his Armed Forces were killing residents of Donbass, who are infected, according to him, with separatism.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov also distinguished himself, who spoke immediately after Turchynov. It is in all his glory he demonstrated his “eloquence” and “perfect” knowledge of the Ukrainian language.

Avakov incessantly switched from Ukrainian to RUSSIAN, while making mistakes in words.

“Let’s bow our heads in front of these guys, bow, because, OF COURSE  as Turchynov said, they didn’t hesitate, they stood UP AND WENT,” said Avakov, and then completely moved to the hated Russian language.

Also in attendance of the opening of the memorial was the scandalously-known Deputy Tatyana Chornovil. For the plausibility of her speech, she even cried in front of the audience. Overall, the hypocrisy in Ukraine knows no limit. Wherever you look there is only lying, illiterate lying at that.

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As a reminder, earlier it was reported that the Armed Forces and punisher volunteer battalions who fought in the so called ATO zone are writhing in hysterics: they will have to answer for all the crimes they have committed against the civilian population in Donbass.

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