Bloody Provocation in Avdeevka – A Civilian Died

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

16/02/2017 (by Sergey Aleksandrovich – blogger & photojournalist in Donetsk)

This evening the Ukrainian occupiers again shelled residential houses in Avdeevka. They probably weren’t satisfied with the results of their overnight shelling – there were no victims, while bloody Ukrainian propaganda demands that there are. This time as a result of shelling, unfortunately, a civilian died – a middle-aged man, who died from shrapnel wounds.

The Ukrainian bastards immediately spread the news that, according to them, this shelling was from our side. Locals there are now in a rage, because they do know that it was Ukrainian-organised, but can do nothing about it. They even can’t speak by phone – already several people today were taken away from the town in an unknown direction, after a conversation with their relatives about who this night shelled the city.

Why do the Ukrainianiser-bastards do this, why do they incessantly forcibly enflame the situation – I even don’t know anymore. I lose myself when trying to guess. Maybe this time they really want to introduce martial law, and to push everyone into the pen so not a peep is heard from them about discontent with “public authority”. I don’t know.

UPDATE: The so-called “headquarters of the blockade” declared that the blockade of highways begins. This evening. Is all this is somehow connected??

UPDATE 2: Some of the Ukrainianiser probably understood that they again became stuck in the mud regarding the latest provocation, and began to flip the switch on some “third force” in Avdeevka. Are they hinting at aliens? Or groups of Ukrainian Nazis, who are still “not” there, according to the statements of the same Ukrainianisers.

UPDATE 3: It became known that shortly before the provocative shelling of Avdeevka from the positions of the Ukrainian occupiers, there was an explosion in an ammunition warehouse in the locality of Opytnoe due to safety violations by drunk Ukrainian “military”, presumably – while unloading ammunition. The explosion had such force that splinters and fragments reached the suburbs of Avdeevka. Today this explosion was heard both in Donetsk and in Makeevka, and even in Khartsyzk. After that, in several hours, the Ukrainian occupiers fired several shells across Avdeevka from a tank, with the purpose of concealing the fact of the explosion, and respectively – the losses of personnel, thus switching the media focus on the shelling of the city, which they say was done by our side. 

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