Blow to the Liberals: Putin Banned the Entire “Top” From Storing Money Abroad

The State Duma has approved the changes to the security laws proposed by Vladimir Putin.

So, from now on, the priority of the domestic code of laws over global ones is recognised – decisions that contradict it will not be implemented. The Federation Council was given the right to advise the government and even the president about the ministers of the siloviki bloc. The same procedure is present in the competition for the position of director of the FSB and director of the SVR.

The law also contains a clause prohibiting members of the Security Council from having deposits and accounts in foreign banks. For people who hold these positions, it is permissible to keep savings only at home.

Thus, the liberal bloc in the Security Council is also obliged to keep money in Russia. If for the “patriotic” circle this provision was one of the key ones, for the liberals it was controversial.

In addition to the above, the document prohibits foreign citizenship for employees of the FSB, foreign intelligence and other law enforcement agencies. However, there is one exception – the ban on residence is valid if it does not involve solving the tasks of operational and official activities or intelligence activities, respectively.

As a reminder, also on October 27th the law on the government was adopted. It strengthens the role of the Parliament, and members of the Cabinet are now approved in the State Duma (except for security forces and diplomats, who will be discussed by the Federation Council). In general, the new version should form an effective system of public power, according to Russian politicians. But members of the government who are not part of the siloviki bloc are also prohibited from having housing and accounts abroad.

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Vasily Kuchin

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