The Blurring of Ties Between the West and the “Azov” Battalion in Ukraine

By Ollie Richardson


On July 13th, NBC News – owned by Comcast, one of the big five media giants (Comcast, Newscorp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS) – published the latest installment of video propaganda designed to whitewash not only the installed-by-the-West Nazis in Ukraine, but also Washington and friends’ own footprints in the bloodshed that followed the coup d’etat in Kiev in 2014.

Entitled “Ukraine’s Hyper-Nationalist Military Summer Camp for Kids”, the subject of the video is a children’s camp of one of the frankly Nazi “volunteer battalions” in Ukraine , which are guilty of committing crimes that would even make their Schutzstaffel predecessor blush. These so-called “volunteer battalions” such as “Azov/National Corpus”, “Right Sector”, “Donbass”“Dnipro”, “Aidar” are not at all “volunteer”. The recruitment of these battalions is directly supervised by people like Arsen Avakov – the Interior Minister of Ukraine, and arguably the most corrupt “politician” in the country. He, much like the entire roster of parties such as “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko”, “People’s Front”, “Svoboda”, “Batkivshchyna”, etc, is just one cog in the Maidan machine programmed and unleashed by the US government in 2014. This machine, in fact, predates the illegal removal of Viktor Yanukovych, and has its roots in Eisenhower’s tenure at the latest.

NBC’s new video follows the previously observed trend of diffusion of responsibility: The West highlights the presence of “questionable” (although it’s never specified according to whose perspective) elements in Ukraine that are actually the US’ allies, but at the same time these elements are painted as simply “freedom fighters” against “Russian aggression”. For example, let’s dissect the description beneath the video:

“In 2014, a group of armed Ukrainian civilians known as the Azov Battalion banded together to fight pro-Russian separatists for control of the country. Three years later, they’ve been absorbed by the National Guard of Ukraine, and when they’re not engaged in the ongoing conflict, they run an annual children’s summer camp featuring pro-Ukrainian campfire songs, rigorous military drills, and a hardline stance on national identity.”

The choice of words here is completely typical of mass media lexicon manipulation. “Banded together” depicts organic unity and brotherhood in the face of adversity, which here is “Russian aggression”. This combination of words is designed to draw sympathy from the naive consumer. “pro-Russian separatists” follows the binary theme of America’s “good vs evil” global paradigm, and does not correspond to reality at all. Not only are the people in Donbass Ukrainians, from the same “Rus” root, and completely Soviet, but it is the UPA-OUN Galician Banderists themselves – who “Azov” worships dearly – who are the actual “separatists”. “Absorbed” implies that the militants were not at all previously linked to State structures, while Biletsky always was good friends with people like Yatsenyuk, Avakov, Poroshenko, and the oligarchs like the self-proclaimed “Judeobanderist” Igor Kolomoisky, who helps to fund these modern-day punisher formations. And, last but not least, pro-Ukrainian” again cements this “protagonist vs antagonist” Hollywood-esque depiction, where extremely complex and delicate affairs are painted in either black or white. In reality “pro-Ukrainian” means absolutely nothing at all, since the “Ukrainian identity” is based on falsifications of history to serve the US’ interests.

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The video itself is presented as American researchers impartially investigating some “nationalistic” phenomenon. Normally children being shown how to use guns with the aim of killing a designated “enemy” that in reality is their own flesh and blood would cause an absolute outrage, but this is obviously not the reaction that NBC desired.

For the CIA, Children’s “patriotic songs” that feature verses about killing Russians are actually good, because, apparently, “the only good Russian is a dead one”.

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And, according to the video, “half of them have a direction relationship to the ‘Azov’ battalion”, but, regardless of what newspapers like The Telegraph say, they are “definitely not Nazis” – just “nationalists”!

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So what does this entail? Well, according to Ukraine’s own media, it means that the children are spending time with an organization led by the self-proclaimed “white leader” Andrey Biletsky, who has a “neo-Nazi nature”. “Azov” recently erected a pagan idol and celebrated the victory over the “Khazar tribe”/ “Judaic State”, which also involved covering the soil in their own blood to complete the ritual. The residents of Kiev-controlled Mariupol accuse the battalion of using the most vile methods of torture on “suspected separatists”, or simply on peaceful inhabitants for fun. There is even proof of “Azov” being involved in shady underground casino operations under the protective wing of the Rada to fund their death cult. The list of the war crimes that the battalion now overtly subordinated to the National Guard has committed could fill an entire library. This is not to mention the now widely-seen swastika tattoos on militants from not only “Azov”, but even the regular Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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It also means that the children probably also have a direct connection to the “Azov” battalion’s partner in crime – Igor Kolomoisky’s “Right Sector” – which, when not shelling the population of the Donetsk and Lugansk, are raping the civilians on the territory controlled by them.

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The most confusing-for-liberals scene in the NBC video is the concept of “fear” being used to justify war crimes. The viewer is supposed to believe that this “totally-not-nazi nationalism” that is mentioned so much in western media is just a mechanism of “fear”, because, so the mainstream media parrots, it is Russia who is the aggressor here – of course! Apparently, Russia “wants Ukrainian land”, even though the sole reason that “Azov” even exists is because of the color revolution staged by Washington three years ago. Oleg Tsarev – a former Deputy of the Verkhova Rada of Ukraine – has explained in detail who exactly “wants Ukrainian land”, and the trail goes West of Kiev, not East.

And, perhaps the most shameful moment not only in this video, but of the Ukrainian crisis as a whole, is when brainwashed-by-propaganda Ukrainians speak in the Russian language – like the “Azov” medic in this video does – about Russia “squashing their language”. This is a bizarre paradox that is almost as ridiculous as Jews like Igor Kolomoisky and Dmitry Yarosh idolising people like Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, who massacred thousands of Jews in the 1940’s.

In reality, the West’s propaganda campaign has not changed throughout the entire war in Donbass vis-a-vis punisher formations such as “Azov”. The West finds itself in a difficult position where to ignore their existence completely is too suspicious and ultimately foolish in regards to the information war, but to place the spotlight on them for too long can also cause people to dig further into history and stumble upon such things as Operation Gladio and the CIA’s help for OUN-UPA. Thus, the Obama administration decided the best option was to create a buffer between them and the neo-Nazi element in Ukraine, but at the same time to keep the marionette strings fully attached.

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These criminal battalions and their commanders are depicted by corporate media agencies like NBC as some external force that hinders the ability of the government in Kiev to pursue “democracy”, “anti-corruption”, reforms, and a whole range of other pretexts invented by the beacons of liberalism to rape the Ukrainian land again and again. But, the main takeaway from videos such as the one above is that fascists are useful for the West when hidden under the guise of seeking refuge from “Russian aggression” by running under NATO’s skirt. When everything is said and done, the US tax payer was and still is maintaining the main battering ram against Russia – fascism.

P.S. the comments beneath the video indicate that maybe the western media needs to try a bit harder when pulling the wool over the eyes…

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