Bordeaux: Streets Medics – the First Targets of Macron’s Repression

At the beginning of the demonstration in Bordeaux, for Act 21 of the Yellow Vests, the Streets Medics were the first targets of the repression. Their equipment was confiscated, several were arrested, some were hospitalised.

For this Act 21 of Yellow Vests law enforcement sought at the rally in the early afternoon to dissuade the demonstrators, many checkpoints were set up, and groups that arrived to Place de la Bourse were searched. After the ultra-repressive Act 20, it was a new attempt to smother mobilisation, as Philippe Poutou rightly said:

Photographers and journalists’ protective equipment, helmets, and glasses were confiscated… An obstacle in front of the freedom to inform. This did not prevent most of them from covering the event anyway.

But the main target was the Streets Medics, in fact the different groups were repressed as soon as they arrived, in different scales. Almost all of them had their equipment confiscated. But some were also arrested and placed in police custody. Two of them were hospitalised.

Here is the video testimonies of two of them:

As a result, most of those who were able to reach Place de la Bourse were not wearing the t-shirts that usually allow them to be identified. Because the message is clear for this demonstration; no helping the Yellow Vests, even if there has been an injury, as is often the case following the fierce repression. Their lack of visibility at this demonstration was noticed by many Yellow Vests – indeed, having Streets Medics equipped during a demonstration is always reassuring. This time, they were neither visible nor equipped. This may partly explain the premature departure of some protesters, who may have felt more vulnerable than usual in the face of growing repression.

The Streets Medics anyway followed the demonstration, despite everything, monitoring, like at every demonstration, being attentive to injuries, discomfort, and other damage caused by repression. This repression in any case outraged the Yellow Vests, since the Streets Medics have been a symbol since the beginning of the mobilisation!

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