Bored Poroshenko Buried Himself in His Phone At “Heavenly Hundred” Prayer Service

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Prime Minster of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman had to help the head of state operate the device.

The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko attracted the attention of users of social networks with his behavior during a prayer for the so-called heroes of the Heavenly Hundred” in Mikhaylovsk cathedral of Kiev.

While priests commemorated those who died on Maidan, the head of state decided to bury himself in the phone. After taking out the gadget, he began to be actively engaged in something on it. The President at the same time had difficulty — he needed the advice of the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman, who was standing nearby.

Poroshenko’s wife also paid attention to the fact that her husband didn’t concentrate his thoughts on the citizens of Ukraine who perished in 2014 at all. She looked with disapproval at the actions of her husband.

“Angry Birds – he reached the last level”

Users of social networks began to guess what Petro Poroshenko was engaged in on the phone during the prayer service. Among the guesses — the game Angry Birds, viewing videos, intimate messaging.

“Googling about how to behave in a Christian church”

Day of the heroes of the “Heavenly Hundred” in Ukraine was officially established by the President in 2015. Those who died on Maidan during the state coup are considered as the victims of the so-called revolution of Dignity.

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