Boris Filatov: Snipers on Maidan Shot At “Berkut” From the Conservatory

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Boris Filatov appointed the commander of Dnepropetrovsk “Berkut” during the times of Maidan Andrey Tkachenko as the head of the municipal enterprise “Municipal police”.

“I hired for the Dnepropetrovsk City Executive Committee the commander of Dnepropetrovsk ‘Berkut’ during the times of Maidan – Andrey Tkachenko. Now he, and not Right Sector and the volunteer Kirill Kharakhulakh, will head the municipal,” wrote Filatov on Facebook.

“I won’t justify myself. To shout that Andrey wasn’t involved in crimes against protesters. That he didn’t abandon his subordinates when the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs cowardly fled from Kiev. That he stopped something irreparable, when from the Conservatory a sniper begun to shoot at Dnieper ‘Berkut’ and wounded six people. That in 2014, leading a regiment of the patrol-guard, he organized in Dnieper an effective security system from sabotage and terrorist attacks. And even passed a half-mad lustration check,” added the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk.

“We live in difficult times, which demands professionals. This is ‘realpolitik’, fellow gentlemen, and it will be more difficult than crystal illusions and snivelling on Facebook,” summed up Filatov.

It is unknown for what purpose Boris “hang scum later” Filatov decided to blackmail Kiev and weave realpolitik by revealing an open secret about the snipers on Maidan in the Conservatory, but the truth rises to the surface by itself.

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