Boris Lozhkin: Who Blew up the Ammunition Warehouse in Balakleya, and Why?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On Wednesday night, on March 23rd, there were explosions in ammunition warehouses of near the city of Balakleya in the Kharkov region. In this regard, a mass evacuation of inhabitants of the settlement was organized.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence, and the State Emergency Service of the country to involve the help of NATO to demine the warehouse near Kharkov. About 20,000 people located in a radius of twenty kilometers from Balakleya were evacuated.

The following is from the environment of Boris Lozhkin, courtesy of the journalist and blogger Filipp Ekozyants:

Today, March 23rd, 2017, Boris Lozhkin reported that, as he predicted a month ago, Poroshenko continues to wreak havoc on the controlled-by-him part of Ukraine. It means that Trump indeed gave the order to start the audit of funds allocated to Ukraine from the budget of the United States.

As was reported by the former head of the Poroshenko administration and Kharkov resident [Lozhkin], the ammunition warehouse in Balakleya is protected today no less than the President himself. After the attempted terrorist attack two years ago, this protection is provided by the professional military including special units of NATO. The ammunition warehouse in Balakleya is an operational object of the second category of importance. But taking into account that it is located just 150 km from the frontline in the Donbas, the warehouse in Balakleya, which according to experts is the largest in Eastern Europe, actually falls into the category of strategic objects. So, since 2015 even a mouse can’t sneak in without being seen. And Boris Lozhkin has no doubt that what happened tonight occurred on the orders from above.

On 18th February, 2017, Boris Lozhkin, in a private conversation with our source living in Vienna, Austria, reported that Poroshenko is trying to bargain with a new U.S. administration to not give the green light for the compromising material of Onishchenko. According to Lozhkin, the key event was the meeting of Poroshenko and Michael Pence on February 17th in Munich. At the time, Lozhkin warned that in case of unsuccessful negotiations, Poroshenko will try to save himself from the audit of Trump by creating chaos on the controlled-by-him territories of Ukraine and, possibly, also by active hostilities in Donbass.

Avdeevka, blockade of Donbass, Balakleya – this is in reality the road to chaos, which will be thickly scattered with political assassinations, provocations, imprisonment, major accidents, and other troubles, and all this will be compressed into a small period of time. (At that time, when I was recording this text, information arrived about the murder in the center of Kiev of the fugitive State Duma Deputy Denis Voronenkov). It is necessary to understand that Poroshenko today has very good advisers, a military – which he inherited from the Obama-Clinton administration, and the latter is not interested in the fact that Trump figured out US-Ukrainian accounting of 2014-2016. So what will happen in Ukraine in the near future, cannot be compared in scale to any partisan war, because it will already be a war of all against all, where it will be impossible to figure out who is the patriot and who is the traitor, and who wandered in by accident..

According to Lozhkin, Poroshenko, under the pressure of circumstances, is forced to betray both Ukraine and the Revolution of Dignity, and he goes for broke. And Ukraine becomes the battleground between the previous and current US administrations. And nothing changes in only one thing: like before, it will be ordinary people who will shed blood.

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