“Brave” Al-Qaeda, Israel Expel 12 Syrian Soldiers From Golan Heights

By Ollie Richardson

Before the ink was dry on the paperwork signed by Lavrov and Kerry on the night of September 9th, Ahrar al-Sham announced a very “brave” move – a joint Quneitra offensive with Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (ex al-Nusra).


The “brave” move by al-Qaeda featured an assault on 12 Syrian soldiers who were isolated in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights on al-Hamira hill. Joining Jabhat Fatah al-Sham were the “FSA”,  Beit-al Maqdes, Ahrar al-Sham, and the Israeli Defence Force. 


Also on September 10th, “Moderate”/Al-Qaeda group Ahrar al-Sham released a 15 minute epic detailing the siege of East Aleppo. The production value would make even Russia Today blush, so who exactly is funding such expense?

Russia, Assad, Iran, Hezbollah, and now China are surely quaking in their boots at such a raw display of  “power”…

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