Brazilian DPR Defender Rafael Lusvarghi Was Freed and Listed for a Prisoner Exchange

The Brazilian fighter Rafael Lusvarghi, who fought on the side of the DPR, was listed for prisoner exchange on December 29th.

Five “Berkut” soldiers accused of committing murder on Institutskaya Street on February 20th 2014 have already been handed over to the DPR and LPR as part of an exchange of prisoners. This is reported by “Gromadske” with reference to lawyer Valentin Rybin.

Rybin was asked if former “Berkut” soldiers Oleg Yanishevsky, Sergey Zinchenko, Pavel Abroskin, Sergey Tamtura, Aleksandr Marichenko, and Brazilian Rafael Lusvarghi, who fought for the DPR, had been transferred to the LDPR buses. The lawyer answered: “Yes”.

According to Valentin Rybin, the three former “Berkut” soldiers Abroskin, Zinchenko, and Yanishevsky were handed over to the DPR, and Marinchenko and Tamtura – to the LPR.

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