Breakthrough Russian Technology in Oil and Gas Pushes the US Into the Background

Russia is rapidly closing the gap in technology from foreign countries. This publication provides an example of Russian innovation in the oil and gas industry.

Let’s start with high-tech equipment for drilling deep oil and gas wells of complex design with a large length of horizontal and directional sections.

Rotary-controlled system

Drilling of horizontal wells all over the world began in the middle of the last century. In the last 20 years, large horizontal waste wells are constantly increasing in order to increase the oil recovery of productive deposits.

But increasing the length of wells has a number of difficulties, one of them is that the main force – the axial load – does not reach the bottom of the well due to friction forces in the complex profile of the well, and this makes it impossible to continue drilling.

4 types of horizontal wells

Such problems were solved abroad, namely in the US, in the late 1990s with the creation of rotary-controlled systems. The most important feature and, accordingly, the main advantage of them is that this technology provides a directional drilling process simultaneously with continuous rotation of the entire drill column, thereby improving the cleaning conditions and quality of the wellbore.

Rotary-controlled systems used in Russia are produced exclusively by foreign companies, and their use is characterised by high cost. Along with the high cost of imported equipment, the cost of service providing well operations with the use of rotary-controlled systems also increases.

In October 2020, the Russian research and production enterprise “BURINTEKH” announced the successful final pilot test of its development – the push-the-bit rotary-controlled system RUS-GM-195, at the fields of “Gazpromneft”.

It should be noted that the rotary-controlled system project of “BURINTEKH” was approved by the expert council of the Industrial Development Fund in 2016, the first tests of this equipment began in 2017, and serial production will begin in 2021. This leads to the conclusion that with the recent lag of technology in this particular direction for 20 years, the Russian manufacturer has reduced the lag to zero. In fact, with the standard method, about 20 years pass from the beginning to the implementation of the invention, and in the above case, start to finish took only 4 years.

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Also, the Russian development has an advantage over similar foreign models of the rotary-controlled system. For example, the rotary-controlled system “Auto Trak” produced by the company “Baker Hughes”, has an electro-hydraulic principle of operation, i.e., the energy of the drilling fluid supplied from the wellhead to the bottom of the well is converted into electrical energy using a turbogenerator.

RUS-GM-195 produced by scientific and production association “BURINTEKH” has a hydro-mechanical principle of operation. In a nutshell, the difference is that the Russian system does not install expensive components such as pumps, electric motors, electronics modules, turbo generators, etc. As everyone knows, the more complex the equipment, the higher the probability of failure. In practice, this is confirmed by the facts when, in the event of a failure of rotary-controlled system components, it is necessary to perform unplanned work for replacement, which affects the commercial drilling speed and labour productivity. In addition, even with not so frequent failures of imported equipment, oil companies are forced to have an additional reserve set of expensive rotary-controlled systems at each facility, which does not affect the cost of penetrating each drilled linear meter for the better.

First and foremost, the developers pursued and achieved such goals as reliability, competitive cost and, most importantly, the strategic sense is import substitution as a driver for the development of Russian industry.

Given the fact that under sanctions against Russia, American manufacturers can not offer their latest equipment to the Russian oil and gas market, and what is already available from imported equipment in Russia is outdated by about 10 years, the development of such equipment is important both for the Russian economy as a whole and for the development of industrial sectors separately.

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