Brilliance of Russia’s Weapons: How the “Army 2022” Forum Is Being Held

NEW – August 16, 2022

Delegations from dozens of countries have arrived in Russia for the international military-technical forum…

The international military-technical forum “Army 2022” has started in Russia.

It presents the most advanced models of weapons, military and special equipment. Events are held in the Moscow region — on the territory of the “Patriot” convention and exhibition centre, the Alabino training ground and Kubinka airfield, as well as on the sites of more than 30 Russian regions.

How the opening ceremony was held and what is presented at the expositions is in the “Izvestiya” photo gallery.

82-mm 2B25 “Gall” silent mortar: developed at the Central Research Institute “Burevestnik” (Nizhny Novgorod). This 82 mm mortar fires no louder than a silenced Kalashnikov assault rifle, and without smoke and flames. This is achieved due to the fact that when fired, gunpowder gases are locked in the shank of the mine using a specially developed technology.

Aviation high-precision Kh-69 cruise missile: The Kh-69 missile has an innovative multi-stage aiming system. For guidance accuracy, the missile received high-tech ultra-precise altitude and speed meters, as well as an optoelectronic system that works on the final flight path.

“VPK-URAL” armoured car: The “VPK-Ural” vehicle has a mass of 14.5 tons. Thanks to the reduction in the size of the armoured habitable compartment, it was possible to increase the level of ballistic protection to the third level according to STANAG-4569, and mine protection – up to eight kilograms of TNT.

Roscosmos presented a new Russian orbital station at “Army 2022”. Currently, “Energia” missile and space corporation (part of Roscosmos) is developing a draft design of the Russian Orbital Station, which is expected to be deployed in two stages.

Compact missile Kh-MD-E: The latest Kh-MD-E missile has two features. It can be used from drones, as well as used against enemy drones.

Drone BAS-750:

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