Britain: We Killed Gaddafi & Destroyed Libya in Vain, but Syria Is Different…

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In the UK a report by the Parliamentary Commission about the actions of the government during the Libyan war in 2011 was published, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The report exposes the harsh assessment of the activities of ex-Prime Minister David Cameron. If we summarize them, we get the following:

1) Britain overestimated the danger to citizens in the city of Benghazi, seized by the opponents of Gaddafi during the “Arab spring”. Gaddafi  promised to kill the rebels “like rats”, which the West in the usual way manipulated into a threat to kill all the people, becoming the basis for the noise at the UN Security Council about a no-fly zone, bombing, and outright intervention led by Britain and France under the auspices of the United States. So, according to the report, the British government started to state rhetoric on behalf of Gaddafi, calling it the real plans of Gaddafi – and did it in vain.

2) Britain entered into the Libyan war based on insufficient and unverified intelligence information, with no idea of the actual situation and not foreseeing the consequences.

3) As a result of the actions of Britain and its allies in the coalition, Libya ceased to exist as a unified state (which, in particular, the events of recent days vividly demonstrate). In addition, on the ruins of socialist Jamahiriya, the base of ISIS emerged, which is also something not good.

What is worth noting about this is that the usual course of action of the pro-American military coalition around the globe is the initial aggression against any state, and then, after its destruction, the quiet recognition that they shouldn’t have done it.

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Such a mechanism, firstly, relieves the frustration of the concerned people about the “wrongness of their country” – after all the errors have been officially recognized. And secondly, provides the opportunity to quietly continue in the same spirit.

It should be noted that currently the new UK government actively supported the overthrow of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad, being a “bloody killing machine” and “bloody murderer of his own people” respectively. As can be seen, these are the epithets that were previously used against the late Colonel Gaddafi, who the British Parliament now regrets murdering and overthrowing.

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