British Daily Mirror Published a Fake About a Woman “Raped and Killed by Russian Troops Who Branded Her Corpse With Swastika”

NEW – April 5, 2022

Fake: Russian military raped and brutally murdered a resident of Ukraine. This was written by the British “Daily Mirror” newspaper.

Truth: In fact, the girl was killed by “Azov” militants. As proof, the British newspaper cites the same photo taken on March 27 in Mariupol. The picture was mirrored to make it harder to find the original and stated that, allegedly, they could not establish exactly where it was taken. We have analysed this fake in detail.

The nature of the wounds (multiple abrasions or superficial wounds are visible if you zoom in on the image) suggests that the swastika was cut out with a knife, then it was most likely “painted” with iodine.

Weapons and personal belongings of “Azov” militants were found next to the body of the murdered woman, which proves their involvement in the commission of the atrocity.
There are many Nazi movements in Ukraine that use fascist symbols.

Yesterday this picture was published by the adviser to the President of Ukraine Aleksey Arestovich, saying that the girl was killed by the Russian military in Gostomel. After our publication, he deleted the post. But it remained in the history of TGStat, where publications are parsed.

The Ukrainian side has repeatedly accused Russian servicemen of rape, but no such fact has been confirmed.

War against fakes

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