British Media Shamelessly Twisted the Words of Sergey Skripal’s Niece

By Ollie Richardson

On November 1st, 2018 the UK’s Daily Mirror newspaper published (I have a backup version of the webpage should the newspaper pull the original) an article entitled “Novichok poisoning plot left us in a nightmare, says Skripal cousin who fears she is now on GRU hitlist”. It consists of a brief interview with Sergey Skripal’s niece Viktoriya Skripal.

Already the title is very bizarre since Viktoriya is known for her critical position in relation to the West and, if anything, has supported Russia throughout this “Novichok” circus. Anyway, let’s immediately point out the main oddities about the body of the Mirror’s article:

1. Having read the full thing, at no point is there a quote from Viktoriya about fearing being on a GRU hitlist”. What there is, however, are the following sentences:

“It’s certainly a possibility something suspicious happened to the car. We were pretty shaken but just pleased to be alive.”

“We cannot rule out that someone has been watching us. I really don’t know if it was just an accident or not.”

It initially follows from these 2 sentences that we can allow the possibility that either the Russian special services or Western intelligence agencies were indeed involved in an attempt to assassinate Viktoriya, since the Mirror does not provide any more excepts of what she said. However, if we refer to the interview (English translation here) that Viktoriya did with the “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” newspaper right after the accident had happened, on September 28th, we suddenly find ourselves excluding the possibility of foul play by Moscow and instead pointing the finger at London et al:

“Viktoriya affirms that many were aware of her plans to speak on a program on the topic of the Skripals. She supposes that there could be a connection between the road accident and her critical position in relation to the investigations of foreign media into the ‘agents’ Petrov and Boshirov.”

In other words, she suspects that the West planned to silence her, since she was going to spill some beans about how “Petrov” and “Boshirov” are not at all involved in the alleged poisoning of Sergey and Yuliya Skripal.

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2. In Viktoriya’s interview with the Mirror she says the following:

“I can’t believe the Russians were behind it though – no one could be that unprofessional. The guys that the media are saying carried out the attack were idiots.”

In this statement, assuming that the Mirror has honestly published her actual words, Viktoriya merely reiterates her critical position vis-a-vis the accusations being thrown at Russia. And what she says is indeed correct – are we supposed to believe that Russia, which has formulated and successfully implemented a strategy aimed at removing the West’s (led by America) hegemony of the world, and in the Middle East specifically, cannot even cleanly “whack” a near 70-year-old man, who by the way is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of both Russia’s foreign and internal policy? Incidentally, this question is being asked at a time when the West has thus far not been able to prove that Bashar al-Assad used Sarin gas on his own people, or that Russia shot down MH-17, or that a single Russian soldier is inside Ukraine’s borders (the OSCE confirms!). 

In summary: The Mirror wants its readers to believe that the GRU is willing to assassinate someone who DOESN’T – yes, you read correctly, DOESN’T – think that Russia poisoned her still-alive uncle and cousin with a “military-grade nerve agent”. Here is, by the way, the spine of the charges being pinned on Moscow:

Embarrassing, isn’t it? Maybe Mr Higgins would be better off investigating something actual, like the UK government’s role in genocide abroad…

…or the Saudi Arabian regime’s ability to hang, draw, and quarter someone and not face a single sanction?

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