British Mercenary Describes His Time Fighting Alongside the UAF in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The other day on the Internet more proof of the presence of foreign mercenaries in the ranks of the UAF was revealed. The Brit Kieran Ashley Walsh wrote in a comment on the social network Facebook his impressions of his “business trip” to Ukraine. The comment was posted in December, 2016.

“I’ll tell you about Ukraine and that god damn Donbass. I was in Afghanistan and Iraq, and I will tell you, it’s much worse here,” wrote the British mercenary, beginning his story.

“The Ukrainians are lazy bastards, worse than the ANA [Afghan National Army – ed] and the Iraqi police. Its not like you teach them, and they become normal soldiers. Most of them are drunk punks, totally out of control. They work only while you look at them. You leave your gear for 5 minutes — they will steal it. They steal everything they can: ammo, weapons, gear, food, even gasoline and battery,” wrote the Brit.

“I thought it wont be worse, but I went to Zaitsevo – the small village, which these morons can’t capture for two years straight. The locals hate militaries, they call them ukronatsi. Ukrainians treat them worse than Afghan warlords,” notes the mercenary.

“The drunk Ukrainian heavy weapon squads are shooting, as if they were blind. They hit everything, except the enemy. It’s more safer to work along, than with Ukrainians. At least you won’t be hit by your own mortars. That’s really the worst place I have ever been, and I don’t want to come here ever,” sums up the soldier of fortune.

It should be noted that previously the media of the Republics of Donbass published a list of military instructors from Great Britain who trained UAF soldiers. Among them private Kieran Ashley Walsh is registered.

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The foreign military instructor in the separate brigade of motor-rifle regiment and detached battalion of the motor-rifle regiment of the Naval Forces of Ukraine (Nikolaev), the 235th inter-service center of training units (Ulyanovka), Separate Air Assault Brigade of the Highly Mobile Airborne Troops (Nikolaev), military training of Air Assault Brigade of the Highly Mobile Airborne Troops (Nikolaev), A2802, A2777. Military instructor of the Armed Forces of Great Britain. Private of the Armed Forces of Great Britain. Passport of the citizen of Great Britain No. 531883022

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian authorities recognize that foreign mercenaries serve in units of the UAF.

“Now in the Armed Forces of Ukraine about 100 foreigners pass service. These are, mainly, citizens of Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, and Russia,” reported the deputy chief of the General Staff of the UAF General Artur Artemenko on May 30th.

According to him, the provision of money for foreigners is no different from the military personnel citizens of Ukraine.


Even the casual follower of history can recount the use of pirates by the British empire to loot and rape the people and lands of foreign lands. And whether it is Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Mali, Jordan, Ukraine etc – those who truly believe they are defending Britain from some “terrible” threat usually find themselves traveling back home in a wooden box. Kieran Ashley Walsh fits the description of a typical path of life in post (and arguably pre) WW2 Britain – no opportunities back home, so seemingly the only “job” available to them is to accept 30 pieces of silver to spill more blood for the self-proclaimed monarchy.

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It is important to remember that in fourth generation warfare it is possible to be both present on territory and not at the same time. The information war proclaims the latter, and the actual visual confirmations on the ground affirm the former. For example, in Ukraine, western “advisors” are – according to official statements – only involved in the training of Ukrainian military personnel outside the so-called ATO zone. Whilst in reality, they are providing cover for Azov, Right Sector, UAF etc to commit yet more war crimes. And the worst part of all of this is that mercenaries are only interested in payment. And the people who “vote with their feet” and decide to resist against their government’s policy of aiding and abetting terrorism, such as Ben Stimson in the video below, are put behind bars, whilst the terrorists themselves enjoy juridical immunity and, if history is anything to go by, may even be knighted by the Queen!

The Anglo Saxon motto: “It’s not terrorism when WE do it!”

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