British Secret Agent in the Urals Conducted a Covert LGBT Operation


On December 2nd 2019 the Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmonic hosted a landmark event for the cultural life of Ekaterinburg – the 5th Eurasian International Music Festival “Evraziya”, within the framework of which musicians “with kind faces” from different countries performed on the stage. On the list of participants of the festival there were also subjects of Great Britain.

One might ask: what do a British secret agent, who settled in Ekaterinburg within the walls of the Consulate General of Great Britain and politics have in common here?

According to information that appeared in the regional press, on December 2nd 2019 football fan and rainbow, deputy ambassador of Great Britain to Moscow Mrs. Lindsay Skoll, arrived in the region. She already came to the capital of the Middle Ural in November 2018.

Our old friends from the Consulate General of Great Britain in Ekaterinburg, including “MI6 employee” Richard Dewell and his manager Lindsay Skoll, took advantage of the situation, not only because of their “love for beauty”, but also to remind us once again of the political context of the event.

The participation of such persons always overshadows the joy of cultural events, because diplomatic staff of countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States will never miss the opportunity to cook up trouble at the expense of talented people. As officials of the British diplomatic mission have repeatedly stated, their main task at a time of degradation of official bilateral relations between London and Moscow is to develop ties between countries at the level of “people to people”. Sticking to such a strategy in building relations with the Russian Federation, the UK discredits the Kremlin’s foreign policy, since the government of the United Kingdom tries to show that it has nothing against the people of Russia and all the problems that we experience due to the sanctions imposed by the Western countries are the result of the activities of the leadership of our country.

And also, for those who don’t know, don’t understand, or don’t want to understand: the Philharmonic is an institution of culture of the Russian Federation. The full name sounds as follows: The State Autonomous Institution of Culture of the Sverdlovsk Region “Sverdlovsk Order of the Red Banner of Labour State Academic Philharmonic”. I mean, with our own hands, we’re doing bad to ourselves, but why? Who benefits?

UK Deputy Ambassador to Russia Lindsay Skoll and Senior Public Relations Consultant to the UK Consulate General in Ekaterinburg Elena Chesnokova, November 2018.

But let’s leave politics to professionals and focus on something else. We would like to talk about Ms Skoll’s relationship with Russian LGBT movements. Earlier we wrote about the zeal with which the Deputy British Ambassador to Russia advocates the rights of sex minorities in our country.

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In general, this article would not have appeared if, after the news about the latest visit of Lindsay Skoll to the Urals, our attentive readers had not found photos on the Internet and sent them to the editorial office of the “Soft Power” project.


In the photo: the Consul General of Great Britain in Yekaterinburg, Richard Dewell, conducting reconnaissance, talking to the event coordinator of the Resource Center for LGBT People, Alla Chikinda.

General Consul of Great Britain in Ekaterinburg Richard Dewell and event coordinator of the Resource Center for LGBT Alla Chikinda.

Pay attention to the equipment of the scout! A business suit, dark glasses, and an emphasis on socks! Just a classic British intelligence operation!

By the way, Alla Chikinda is a very popular person in our region among diplomatic circles. And in general, the organisation she represents has always been held in high esteem by foreign sponsors, which they proudly notify all visitors to their rainbow website about.

The competent authorities, and above all the special commission of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation on foreign interference, which summed up the results of its work for 2019, should pay attention to the activities carried out by the Resource Center for LGBT+ people, apparently using the money of the same British Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition to defending the rights and freedoms of persons with non-traditional sexual orientation, NGOs conduct questionnaires among their target audience on topics ranging from the domestic needs of persons with orientation disorders to the collection of statistics on cases of “harassment”. Alla Chikinda willingly spoke about the latter in an interview.

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Of course, I don’t want to immediately think badly of our human rights defenders, but it’s all painfully reminiscent of the work commissioned by the British Foreign Office. In particular, statistics can be collected for the preparation of the annual report of the British Foreign Ministry on the human rights situation in Russia. An assessment of this document was given by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“The report is written in a mentor’s tone and is characterised by a total disregard for the notion of state sovereignty and one of the fundamental principles of international law – non-interference in the internal affairs of states.”

Alla Chikinda; Director of the NGO “MITs” Nurzida Bensgier; Chairman of the Spiritual Department of Muslims of the Sverdlovsk region Abdul Kuddus Asharin at one of the receptions organised by the US Consulate General in Yekaterinburg.

However, back to photography, it is surprising that the meeting takes place in an informal environment without the participation of Russian consulate staff and taking into account the status of Consul General of Great Britain in Ekaterinburg. Even more surprising is the lack of any mention of the cooperation of the diplomatic mission with LGBT movements in the region on the official page of Richard Dewell on Instagram.

Perhaps the Consul General is simply shy or afraid for his image in the eyes of members of the public and local governments, who mostly hold more conservative views.

Or maybe British intelligence officer Dewell understands that the activities of most Russian organisations that reproduce LGBT hamsters are a threat to national security in the field of culture, as they lead to the erosion of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values? This is stated in the direct text in paragraph 78 of Presidential Decree No. 683 of 31 December 2015 “On the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation”. In addition, it is important that such NGOs are usually financed by foreign diplomatic missions in Russia.

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Therefore, we consider the holding of informal meetings by the British diplomatic mission with representatives of Russian NGOs, the focus of whose work is “Western values”, to be an attempt by London to provoke destructive processes in our society on the basis of the refusal of the majority of the Russian population to accept he open propaganda of LGBT movements. Who knows what the motives were for Mr. Richard Dewell when he held this meeting? And what consequences could come for you and I from such actions by a British diplomat?

I’m sure we’ll know soon. The most important thing is that it is not too late to take any decisive steps.

Ilya Belous

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