Broken Furniture and Blood on the Floor: Ukrainian Nationalists Attacked the Office of the “Rozumna Sila” Party

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On Wednesday, December 12, unknown people in masks and camouflage staged a pogrom at the office of the Rozumna Sila political party in Kiev. This was reported to “Vesti” by an eyewitness, the cameraman Yury Galun.

According to him, 15 people rushed into the office, they were in masks and camouflage. The unknown persons broke the furniture and beat up the attendees, one of the men filmed the events with a phone.

“About 15 people entered, it wasn’t possible to accurately count them. And they started to be aggressive. They beat up whoever they could – some received more, some received less. Two persons are completely covered in blood. They were searching in the drawers for some reason, they ransacked them. Somewhere in the corridor they toppled a cabinet. Those who managed to close themselves in their offices were lucky. Some fell under a heavy hand. It lasted about 5 minutes, everything was very quick. There were all in camouflage. A couple of them were without camouflage, but all were in balaclavas. Two persons were without masks. One of them was very aggressive and, actually, beat up someone in front of me. I don’t remember his face. The second man was recording it on a phone. Perhaps, this video will emerge somewhere. He recorded everything with a phone”

said Yury

According to him, representatives of office called the police and an ambulance. Law enforcement bodies had already arrived to the scene.

“Today I, as the lawyer of the ‘Rozumna Sila’ party, appealed to the Prosecutor-General’s Office about the systematic persecution of this party. I demanded to investigate the crimes against the functionaries of this political force, and literally in a few hours youngsters trashed the office of ‘Rozumna Sila’ and beat up the employees in a beastly way. How should we interpret this? It’s the lightening reaction of siloviki? Revenge? This is already Europe?”

wrote the lawyer Andrey Gozhy

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