Brussels Politely Told Kiev That The EU Won’t Damage Its Business Ties with Russia Over of the Azov Sea Provocation

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Leaders of the European Union at a summit in Brussels will offer assistance to the Ukrainian regions affected by the “actions of Russia in the Sea of Azov”, but new sanctions against Russia will not be imposed. This was reported by “Euractiv”, referring to the draft of the conclusions of the summit [at the foot of the page – ed], which opens on December 13th.

According to the publication, the draft doesn’t mention the consideration of further sanctions against Russia due to the lack of consent between member states. Diplomats hope that the existing sanctions will continue, but they did not reach a consensus concerning increasing the pressure to the level that a number of countries call for. One of the German diplomats confirmed that in the European Union there is no consensus on imposing new sanctions against Russia for its “actions in the Sea of Azov”.

At the same time, the EU is preparing a proposal involving financial and other measures that aim to help the regions of Eastern Ukraine that experience a negative effect because “Russia prevents free navigation in the Sea of Azov”. “The EU is ready to take measures to further strengthen support in favor of the affected regions of Ukraine,” it is said in the conclusions.

As a reminder, Ukraine suggests to the EU to impose personal sanctions against the Russian military personnel “participating in acts of aggression against Ukraine”, to limit the possibilities of the Russian Azov ports, and other measures.

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