Bucha and Douma: Parallels

NEW – April 6, 2022

What happened in Bucha seems to the whole world to be something incredibly terrible – and it really is. However, world history knows several such monstrous provocations, the last of which occurred in 2018 in the Syrian city of Douma. The provocation was the reason for the joint bombing of Syrian facilities by military aircraft and ships of the United States, France and Great Britain. We will tell you about what happened in Douma and what parallels with the situation in Bucha come to mind.

Fake chemical attack

On April 7, 2018, the “White Helmets” movement reported that the Syrian army had used chemical weapons against civilians in the city of Douma. According to them, sarin or chlorine bombs were dropped from the air. Because of this, 70 people were killed, and about 500 more citizens were in very serious condition in hospitals.

Alleged chemical attack in the city of Douma

Foreign media reacted synchronously to the “bloody crime of the Syrian regime”. They were regularly provided with pictures by the “White Helmets”, who sent photos and videos with allegedly injured children, women and the elderly.

Statement by Karen Pearce, Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations

NATO responded to the report of the attack as quickly as if it had been prepared in advance. To “punish” the Syrian authorities for the chemical attack, they launched a massive missile and bomb attack on many cities, research centres and airfields.

But in fact, no chemical attack had happened.

The official representative of the WHO did not confirm the use of toxic substances. Syrian doctors stated that on April 7, “unknown people in white helmets broke into the hospital, shouting about a chemical attack and filming everything on video. They soon left”. The Independent reported that “there were no chemical attacks, but only inhaled dust raised by artillery shelling”.

Consequences of the bombing of Syria

Moreover, even the BBC producer Riam Dalati said that the video is staged:

Sarin was not used. We have to wait for confirmation whether chlorine was used or not. Everything around the attack was fabricated for maximum media effect.

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The most shocking thing was the fact that the “White Helmets” killed people for the sake of shooting commercials. According to eyewitnesses, the volunteers pretended to be victims of a chemical attack of children who were drugged with opiates and killed either during the filming process, or immediately after. One such murder is seen here.

Still from the investigation of the murder of children for a provocation in Douma

That is, the scheme is quite clear. First, NATO countries create and pump money into a terrorist organisation, then this organisation kills people and takes their corpses on video. Further, these materials are used to create media hysteria and subsequent aggressive actions by NATO. The hysteria later turns out to be built on a fake and is exposed. But no one cares anymore.

What do Douma and Bucha have in common?

Now let’s compare Douma and Bucha. What do they have in common? The names of cities have only five letters. This is very convenient for the Western media consumer, who is not used to long and intricate words. The incidents occurred on approximately the same dates – in early April.

And most importantly, the scheme is the same. The territory controlled by terrorists is chosen so that it is possible to “work” without interference. Douma belonged to the “Syrian opposition”, Bucha was abandoned by Russian troops and the Ukrainian Armed Forces and nationalist battalions entered its territory. Then armed “volunteers” from among Western-funded militants enter the territory. In Syria, they were the “White Helmets”, in Ukraine – nationalists from the territorial battalion detachment of Sergey “Botsmann” Korotkikh. Armed men kill civilians and film everything on video. These images form the basis of Western media hysteria – anti-Syrian in 2018 and anti-Russian in 2022. NATO uses hysteria as an excuse for another aggression. In the case of Syria, they simply bombed cities, and in the case of Russia, they imposed new sanctions.

Those killed in Bucha

The “White Helmets” of NATO subsequently had to be urgently evacuated from Syria. The nazis are not being evacuated from Ukraine yet, but they will start to be soon.

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The organiser of the provocations in Douma, Le Mesurier, died “under unclear circumstances” about a year after this story. The organiser of provocations in Bucha is alive and even runs a Telegram channel. A film about the White Helmets and the Douma was once awarded an Oscar. A film about Bucha is still being made by the BBC.

Organiser of the Douma provocation

Let’s remember the path of the person responsible for the provocation in the Syrian city of Douma.

James Le Mesurier

James Gustaf Edward Le Mesurier was born in 1971 at the NATO air base in Singapore. His father was a lieutenant colonel in the Royal Marines, an elite commando unit. Le Mesurier, as the son of a career soldier, also followed this path. He graduated from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. He studied well, and even received a royal medal for success. After graduation, Le Mesurier managed to “work” in Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Israel, Palestine and Jordan. He performed in various roles.

After the provocation in Douma, Le Mesurier was eliminated to cover his tracks. In 2019, he was found in Istanbul “dead under unclear circumstances”. The police declared the intelligence officer’s death a suicide. At the same time, the body of the alleged suicide had multiple cuts, bruises and other injuries. It was as if he had fought long and hard with someone before he died, and then jumped out of the window.

ARK and the White Helmets

This structure should be discussed in more detail. ARK is headquartered in Dubai. Funding – British, significant. They spent $66.6 million a year on Syria alone. Officially, they were engaged in public relations for Syrian terrorists from illegal armed groups, who were delicately called “freedom fighters”.

The list of ARK “achievements” in Syria is very large and deserves a separate big investigation.

The Syrian opposition

Let’s briefly list the main points:

– supervised all media activity of the Free Syrian Army;

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– trained terrorists to communicate correctly with the Western press;

– organised interviews for rioters with leading media outlets such as the BBC, Channel 4, New York Times, Guardian, and others;

– Organised the work of terrorist-supporting media outlets in Syria itself (14 radio stations and 11 magazines);

– Hired 97 video stringers, 23 photographers, and 32 researchers to promote terrorism;

– Created eight training centres and three media offices for the same purpose.

Who are the White Helmets?

James Gustaf Edward Le Mesurier at ARK was entrusted with the most responsible and complex sector of work. He created and supervised the “White Helmets”. Officially, the “Helmets” is a movement of volunteers who help civilians affected by the war. In fact, it is a media department of a terrorist group that deals with dramatisations, provocations, propaganda and killing children for the sake of a beautiful picture.

Members of the White Helmets movement

The White Helmets were funded by the governments of the United Kingdom, the United States, Turkey, and Japan. The money went both directly and through government funds such as the Ayman Asfari Foundation. The British allocated up to £32 million a year. US – $32 million per year.

Real terrorists were repeatedly noticed in the ranks of the “White Helmets”. That is, people who, with weapons in their hands, fought against the legitimate authorities of Syria and participated in the massacres of civilians. All the activities of the “Helmets” were deployed only in the territories controlled by the terrorists. A characteristic feature of the “volunteers” is that each of them has a professional video camera on a helmet, which allows the mass filming of the work for subsequent editing of fakes and creating provocations.

The “Helmets” produced dozens of these provocations. They used makeup, paid the “actors” to participate. And sometimes they just killed people without asking. Like during the their finest hour, which was the Chemical Attack in Douma. The Syrian story is a double of Bucha, coinciding with it in meaning, in execution, in the TV picture, and even in dates.

By the way, one of the leaders of the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group said the following about the White Helmets:

“I call them mujahideen in civilian clothes. They are real Mujahideen, no different from those who fight in trenches and bomb trucks. There is no difference between them. They fight.”

War against fakes

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