Bucha: Chronology of Events

NEW – April 6, 2022

▪️30 March – All Russian units completely withdrew from Bucha, the day after negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in Turkey. 

▪️31 March – The mayor of the city of Bucha, Anatoly Fedoruk, confirmed in his video message that there were no Russian soldiers in the city, and did not even mention any local residents, who had been shot in the streets.

▪️2 April – The National Police of Ukraine on its official channel publishes a video of the city, where there are no bodies of civilians on the streets.

▪️Together with the National Police, units of the Kiev Territorial Defence entered Bucha.  In the video on their social networks, one of the militants receives consent to shoot at people not wearing blue armbands.

* Blue armbands on the sleeves is an identification mark “friend or enemy” for the Ukrainian forces. 

Most of those killed people have white armbands on their sleeves.  A civilian with a white armband was perceived as a person neutral or allied with Russian troops. 

▪️April 03 – At the suggestion of the Ukrainian authorities, the Western media massively launched a large-scale “Bucha massacre” campaign against Russia. 

Of particular concern is the fact that all the bodies of people, whose images were published by the Kiev regime, after at least four days, did not stiffen, do not have characteristic cadaveric spots, but uncoagulated blood in the wounds, which indicates the recent nature of their murders. 

▪️4 April – Great Britain blocks Russia from convening the UN Security Council on Bucha, Moscow will continue to insist.

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In the video posted in Twitter on April 1 is Yablonskaya Street, some of the bodies along the road are the consequences of shelling carried out by the Ukrainian Armed Forces after the withdrawal of Russian troops on March 30 – this is also indicated by a large number of craters from artillery strikes. 

In an interview with “Meduza”, a member of the Bucha City Council and a volunteer for the defence, Katerina Ukraintseva, admitted that Russian troops did not shoot people in her presence.  Those who are lying on Yablonskaya Street died as a result of chaotic shooting carried out by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Dasha Panova

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