Budapest Rounded Up Ukrainians with Fake Hungarian Passports

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Hungarian police begun to stage round-ups of Ukrainians who acquired Hungarian passports illegally from local officials. This was reported by the Ukrainian Vesti Ukraine publication.

According to the newspaper, recently in the Hungarian village of Hajdúdorog bordering Ukraine, security officers detained several local officials who in exchange for a reward issued new passports to Ukrainian citizens. The owners of the new documents were also detained.

As the locals say, some Ukrainians indeed live in the village, but most of them are registered fictitiously — in one house nearly 40 people are registered.

“Recently more and more Ukrainians register in border villages, then they receive counterfeit passports. When Budapest learned about it, they decided to conduct raids against deceivers and Hungarians who help them ‘out of gratitude’,” explained the Hungarian journalist László Pintér.

As the publication notes, it is easy to acquire a European passport that allows one to move freely in the European Union countries, to live there, to study and work. The cost of this service varies from $5,000 to $10,000: for this sum intermediaries promise to give false references and to resolve issues with the consulate.

At the same time Ukrainians can obtain Hungarian citizenship legally, however the lawful procedure takes about two-three months.

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