Bulgarian Authorities Described Moods in the EU Concerning the Cancellation of Anti-Russian Sanctions

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The vice-president of Bulgaria Iliana Iotova supports the gradual cancellation of restrictive measures concerning the Russian Federation. According to her, many countries of the European Union would support this position.

This statement was made by the vice-president of Bulgaria in an interview to “Nova TV” channel, reports “Russian Dialog”.

“Not only Bulgaria adheres to such a position, even in France and Germany there are lots of voices on this subject,” emphasised Iotova.

According to the politician, sanctions do enormous harm to the people living in European countries. Restrictive measures hurt not only politicians or companies, but also simple citizens.

Earlier the chancellor of Austria Christian Kern recognized the fatigue of the European Union from the anti-Russian sanctions. In his opinion, the restrictive measures showed their inefficiency – they didn’t lead to an improvement of the situation concerning controversial matters. In this regard, Brussels should review the sanctions policy against the Russian side. As a reminder, the French parliament suggested to consider the conditions for the cancellation of the anti-Russian sanctions.

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