Bulgarian Socialist Party Leader Promised to Block Anti-Russian Sanctions If Victorious in Elections

Translated by Ollie Richardson 



If the “Bulgarian Socialist Party” wins the elections, and its leader Korneliya Ninova is appointed to the Prime Minister’s post, then the country will block the extension of the anti-Russian sanctions by the European Union at the next vote. Such a statement was made by Ninova herself.

“If the BSP wins the elections, and I will become Prime Minister, I will go to Brussels and I will say: ‘Sirs, next time there is a vote on the anti-Russian sanctions, Bulgaria will veto it’,” quotes the Dnevnik newspaper from the words of the Socialist leader.

As a reminder, earlier the vice-president of Bulgaria Iliana Iotova supported the cancellation of restrictive measures concerning Russia. She said in an interview to the Nova TV channel that it is time to begin the gradual cancellation of these sanctions. The politician also noted that many European Union countries would agree with this position.

As was reported by “Pravda.ru”, the head of the Austrian oil and gas company OMV and the President of the Russian-German foreign trade chamber Rainer Seele noted recently that the anti-Russian sanctions poison the economy. In Germany alone tens of thousands of workplaces were lost because of restrictive measures.

“We, as German businessmen, are unanimous in the opinion that in the conditions of the market economy the sanctions are pure poison,” he said. “Economic sanctions for the solution of a political conflict are the wrong remedy with fatal side effects”.

He added that the position of business is invariable: German companies conducting their activities in Russia demand at least he step-by-step cancellation of sanctions.

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