“A Bunch of Traitors” & a Broken Camera: Graham Phillips Showed Supporters of Navalny in All Their “Glory”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The British journalist Graham Phillips made a report from the so-called “electoral strike”, organised by the blogger Alexei Navalny. However, instead of the “nice” people described by the West, he faced aggression and intolerance.

Phillips with his camera came to Navalny’s event in Moscow. Supporters of the blogger surrounded the Brit and started to shout at him: “Shame!”. The journalist shook his head and in English suggested to the viewers to draw their own conclusions vis-a-vis the audience. Then he, in Russian, called the protesters “a small bunch of traitors”, then the supporter of Navalny standing closest to him snatched the camera from Phillips’s hands and broke it.

Social networks highly appreciated Phillips’ courage, who wasn’t afraid of approaching “peaceful” protestors, taking into account that his position is well-known. The journalist from Kiev Yury Kot compared the intolerance of supporters of Navalny to Ukrainian “freedom fighters”, for who there are no other points of view besides their own.

Yury Kot: “Graham… Wonderful person.  I wonder how this ‘hero’ who rushed towards him and broke the camera must feel. This is the true face of those ‘freedom fighters’. They simply not only won’t tolerate another point of view, but are also ready to kill for the fact that another point of view exists. Like what we have in Ukraine. Respect to Graham.”

Vladimir Zinenko:
 “Bravo Graham! On 28th January, 2018, in central Moscow on Tverskaya Street a gathering of little hamsters for an electoral boycott took place. What a surprise Graham Phillips caused, who appeared here and called everyone fools and idiots.”

Taisiya Karpova: “What a good guy, Graham! You are a genuine guy, even though you aren’t Russian. God bless you. Take care of yourself.”

Tatiyana Tsygankova: “Thank you God for giving my children brains. I don’t see any among this mass.”


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