“Bunker Syndrome” – The Psychological Disease That “Infected” Donbass Residents

NEW – July 20, 2022

“They bomb – you just hide in the corridor between the embrasures, where there are no windows, realising that you can be blown up from one side and the other. But when you went down to the basement, you just can’t get out. You’re scared of any rustle.”

These are the words of a resident of the city of Rubezhnoye who helps her compatriots get used to peaceful life. Most people are still in bomb shelters because they are afraid of shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“Bunker Syndrome” – this is how Olga Maun called the psychological disease that “infected” her and many Lugansk residents. According to her, people are so accustomed to living underground that shelters are called communal apartments.

In order to get rid of this ailment, she began to hold subbotniks. So that people are distracted from fears and understand: there is now a peaceful sky above their heads. Olga admits that the syndrome may be fictional, but one way or another, everyone has this condition and everyone needs help.

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