Burn, Baby, Burn, So That You Don’t Go Out?

I am even afraid to imagine what would be happening now in the world of “our western partners”, how aggressively “all of civilised humanity” would be flailing, and how snot and tears would be shed from all the crevices of those with kind faces who think “Only I am correct” if somewhere in Moscow some police officer or guardsman knelt on the neck of someone in handcuffs and remained in this position until the person dies.

I imagine what comparisons with “bloody Sunday” would be invented by domestic pro-maidanists, how the ‘tyrant’ [Putin – ed], oppressor and strangler of freedoms, would be blamed by them if he just simply announced that he turned off Twitter and put it under state control.

And how would the right and left squeal if, similar to how Minneapolis is burning, some city on the territory of the Russian Federation would be burning…

Yesterday and today, the first thing I did was rummage through the biggest mourners [the fifth-column in Russia – ed] for the destroyed democracy in “Mordor”, honestly looking through such professional sufferers “for the rights of people” as Die Welt, “Radio Svoboda”, “Rech-Pospolita” and the whole bag of Baltic “supervisors” of democracy – looking for where and how they will roll out into a thin pancake the trampling of democracy in its citadel.

There was nothing there. On the front page: “Levada Center: Putin’s rating of trust fell by up to 25%” and “Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan sent to Russia a note of protest because of Lavrov’s statement”.

In this regard I consider that ALL the eastern European, and most of the western European, media can be safely classified as Russian regional media, because three trees that fell near Ryazan are much more important to them than hundreds of looted stores and offices and a dozen buildings burned to the ground in Minneapolis.

And there [in Minneapolis – ed] the most interesting events are developing. There the next round of the presidential electoral campaign is underway. And this… how to be politically correct… aggravation that we are seeing, and the residents of Minneapolis feel, is currently beneficial to all parties involved.

For Biden’s party (sorry that I call it that; it’s just for fun) is profitable to show how much Trump cannot keep the situation under control and how much he is “not the President of all the people”. I.e., “burn, baby, burn, so that you don’t go out?”, where every mistake is considered as guilt – and looted stores, and the arrest of a CNN correspondent on live TV, and even Trump’s threats to bring the army into the city.

Although concerning this, I would personally be anxious. Because the introduction of troops is such an interesting damn thing that can easily turn from a weapon of the opposition into a weapon against the opposition. If the army is deployed, it means martial law, and if there is martial law, then what election can there be?

In addition, martial law can serve as the basis for all sorts of interesting side effects, such as purging undesirable media and equally undesirable competitors, both in politics and in business. I.e., Trump may well be so scared that he will not run to negotiate the terms of surrender, but will raise the stakes even more. The whole question is: does he have something to raise them with?

However… the demonstration in Michigan shows that he does. There, too, the guys are serious and in their hands they were not bats at all. They are also sick, they are also on edge, and if they show who is to blame for this, and also whisper in their ear that “nothing will happen as a result of this”, the “Black Maidan” in Minneapolis can encounter the “White Maidan” with an unpredictable result… Or on the contrary – with a predictable result?

There are too many entities in the USA that are interested in the situation in the United States becoming aggravated, and they are not only within its borders. Somehow it turned out that the American elite managed to quarrel with the entire globe by 2020 and now its [the globe’s – ed] bigger part already joined or is ready to join the friendly chorus of burn, baby, burn, burn, baby, burn, so that you don’t go out!”

The USA declared a trade war against China, having hinted that it will cancel the debts owed to it and might sue it for trillions “because of the virus”, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and now China very justifiably and benevolently refers to some Maidanisation of the “hegemon”.

The United States has stepped on all the calluses of Russia, and Russia also naturally assumes that the more the Americans have to deal with their problems, the less they will create problems for everyone else.

This same idea is being passively supported by Germany, which does not like dependence on such energy transporters as Poland and Ukraine – persistently imposed by the Americans, not to mention the other numerous instances of offences that the Germans (unlike the Russians) remember perfectly well and wait only for a convenient moment to file a lawsuit.

The Gulf monarchies – and they are currently more opponents than allies of the “Empire of good”, and for reasons thoroughly mercantile and mundane – kings, are people too, they also want to live!

There is only one problem, and this problem has really global character: nukes on the territory of the USA and the weapons that the USA has. Therefore, if burn, baby, burn is not put out in time, then sooner or later the fire will reach the innermost too… Personally, I, looking at the photo where the happy young people are pounding with hammers the checkout counter of a supermarket, have already imagined them using the same instrument to smash the control panel of missiles… I won’t hide it – I had a shiver down my spine…

Could it happen?… Quarantine? Well, imagine if a virus will be found suddenly in places where nuclear weapons are stored? How about the deployment of military medics with the corresponding equipment and means of reinforcement? Somehow my intuition tells me that such scenarios are already being considered, modelled, and calculated.

Sergey Vasilyev

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