“C14” Nazis Ganged up on a Local Entrepreneur After He Criticised Both the War in Donbass and the UAF on Facebook

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Uspishna Varta

“Activists” from the C14 group forced the managing director of the “M17” capital art space Robert Chuprikov to apologise for his words about participants of the ATO and the war in Donbass. The incident occurred on Wednesday, October 24th, in the capital.

The correspondents of the “Vesti” media holding were witnesses of the event. According to them, his comment under the video #ЗавдякиТобі [Thank you – ed] became the reason for the “conversation” with Robert Chuprikov. “C14” were outraged by Chuprikov’s statement – that in Donbass there is “civil war”. Representatives of “C14” surrounded the young man and forced him to apologise for another statement – that the Ukrainian military serving in the ATO are marauders, without exception. He was forced to apologise for insulting the portraits of the military personnel who have died in Donbass.

“C14” also uploaded a video of the incident. According to them, Chuprikov promised to try to grant fighters of the ATO free admission into “M17”. The “activists” plan to appeal to the art gallery with a proposal to hold there an exhibition in honor of “Ukrainian defenders”.

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