A Call to Action: The Moral Duty

Translated by Captain Ahab


Malik AbdulKarim

Dante once said that “the darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis”.

It is understandable that some may feel the burning intensity of the fight between Good and Evil during times of great tribulations, that there is a “third way” where they can save themselves. To save one’s own skin it does not require you O’ Great Master to sacrifice your afterlife, by deluding people that the current wars are merely the result of “Emperors” fighting over the gifts of this vast Earth. I can at the drop of a hat retire from communal life and keep my peace without giving credence to the illusion that Cain and Abel are one and the same.

“Me”, “You”, and “He” can run to the highest mountain tops to bask in the sun of cynicism, and to accuse all of the crimes committed. But I ask you O’ Great Master where and how would my Grandmother, Grandfather and my disabled neighbor hide from the rivers of blood.

The Heaven of “Me, Me, Me” is located on a foothill, close to a water pond and far away from any signs of civilization. It would be enough for me to sell what I own to purchase it in any of the safe countries of the world. But I ask you, O’ Master, where would entire peoples go?

The slaughtered Yezidi who is being sold in slave markets does not own land with oil reserves so that the Peshmerga comes to his rescue. What if the PMU [Iraqi Hash’d forces – ed] chose your “third way”. The crucified Yemen, dangling its legs, who will protect what is left of that ancient land if every free man chose your “third way”?

This is not about “Me” or “You” and the saving of our skins, it is about peoples and nations that are not protected from cold excuses. God did not give us pens, talents, capabilities to delude people that being neutral between the fight of Hussein and Yazeed is to avoid tribulations and civil strife. Nonetheless, did the killing of Hussein bring peace to your life?

Blame must be assigned to your “Salaf” O Master, because of them the Bearers of Truth were split making possible our memories of them to be diluted. Their blood, sweat, rights, freedoms, and wealth were turned into toys for the Sultan to play with his countless Harims.

Yes, O’ Greatest of Masters, it is a war of aggression waged by Zionist/American/Wahhabism on Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, Egypt, and Tunisia… What other choice do we have other than to fight back.

What noble Freeman who has an ounce of fear in his heart from God or any semblance of conscious remaining can leave the Peoples of this great region to face the swords of murderers, to avoid being called “sectarian”. The Americans in assessing their failures say: we didn’t imagine that Hezbollah would sacrifice its “reputation” by committing itself to the war in Syria. Reputation and face saving are a barrier to moral rectitude.

O’ Great Master in every age the Battle of Karbala is repeated with only three possible outcomes: surrender, victory, martyrdom. If you do not know who is the “Hussein” of our time do you not at least recognize the actions of “Yazeed”?

The values represented by the Prophet’s household (Ahlul-Bait) are truly difficult to attain as they are conjured in each century, they are the stuff of which men are made… So whoever acts unjustly, oppressing and violently attacking the people and stealing public wealth, should not be surprised that we find shelter in what Hussein represented and continues to represent.

Christian Iraqi Officer

This current wave of destruction is a Zionist/American/Wahhabi War to uproot the people, to use the Sunnis as fuel for the ships heading from East to West laden with booty. Please see for yourself, O’ Master, an axis that has the Sunni, Shi’a, Christian, and Yazidi as martyrs, and on the other side Takfiris, who kill each other in their spare time [one of many recurring themes in Ghouta and Idlib – ed]. It is not a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, nor between Shi’as and Wahhabis, and neither is it between the Islamic and Christian world…..It is a war between the Freemen of this region, regardless of religion and race, and Zionism. Look at any map, dear Sirs, and tell me where do the different peoples of this region live and where do the monotonous people live. [hint, look no further than Jihadi held areas and Israel – ed].

Take a look at the demographics in Mosul, Baghdad, Damascus, Idlib – all the way to Aden and Sana’a, and you will easily recognize which side protects the poor, helpless peoples of this region, and which one kills and loots everything with a pulse and worth a dime.

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