Canada Will Send to Ukraine the Next Batch of Military Equipment

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Canada will deliver to Ukraine the next batch of non-lethal military equipment. This was reported by Ukrinform with reference to the statement of the Minister of Defence of Canada Hardzhit Sadzhan.

“Our next delivery will include first-aid kits, training materials for military police, and equipment for the utilization of ammunition,” said Sadzhan.

According to him, the “vital equipment” will increase the ability of the UAF, and at the same time reduce the financial load on the Ukrainian government.

Canada is so “democratic” and “free” that the government decides where taxes are spent without consulting the actual person who sold their labour to generate the said tax. Of course, Canada is not alone in this – all of Washington’s banana republics contribute both militarily and financially towards the genocide of the children of Donbass, who, because they simply refused to bow down to the Anglo Saxon bully, have spent the past few years reading books by candlelight in bomb shelters.

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