Canadian Instructors Embedded in the UAF Spotted on the Outskirts of Donetsk

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The reconnaissance of the DPR revealed the presence of Canadian instructors at positions of the UAF. This was stated on July 27th by the Deputy Commander of the Operative Command of the DPR Eduard Basurin.

“Our reconnaissance recorded the presence of Canadian instructors near Avdeevka in the zone of responsibility of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade,” he said.

The presence of foreign specialists in the ranks of the UAF was confirmed to Politnavigator by the military correspondent Andrey Zablotsky:

“Judging by the words of the guys on the frontline that I communicate with, the presence of foreigners on the Ukrainian side is quite a frequent phenomenon. They constantly observe foreign flags at Ukrainian positions and foreign conversation on the radio sets. And I have no reason not to believe them, because, unlike 2014, a mass of material about the participation of foreigners in the fighting appears on Ukrainian social networks and in the media.

And foreign arms are present on the Ukrainian side. It isn’t that easy to estimate the scale of deliveries because of the fact that a considerable part of deliveries represent weapons of the Soviet sample from the same Bulgaria, which can be identified only by markings. But also weapons of NATO standards — 60-mm mortars, large-caliber sniper rifles, and small arms — are being used. The scale of deliveries, fortunately, isn’t really big, and can’t essentially strengthen the UAF,” considers the war correspondent.

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