Capitalist Soros’ “Socialist” Sloganeering

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Michail Michailov

Here is what yesterday amused me wildly – it is slogans for socialism in this crowd with vaginas on the heads. So these hamsters, all minorities, washed-up feminists, hipsters, LGBT are for socialism! And the cherry on the cake are those who sponsored these “socialist” protests.

It is the same disgusting and cannibal financial capitalism for which some real expressions of socialism are terrible, almost a deadly allergen.

The same monsters who can dismiss people from their jobs in their thousands in order to keep their profit; who hide away money from taxes; who transfers the means of production from the country to the poor countries, where it is possible to pay workers just cents. Socialism? Are you serious? Guys, those who came to these protests – you really have vaginas instead of heads. And I can only imagine how any Soros’s are loudly laughing at you idiots.

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