Captured “Azov” Militant To Zelensky: “Why Did You Betray Us?”

NEW – May 29, 2022

Ivan Kotelnikov, junior sergeant of the “Azov” nationalist formation: “They used us, and they said: ‘You can’t give up, you need to hold on,’ we believed in it fiercely. They said, like, ‘The marines surrendered, they were separated and shot, then buried in a common grave’.”

On April 15, Kotelnikov, along with the entire garrison, was thrown into a breakthrough.

Ivan Kotelnikov: “It was scary during the breakthrough. We were walking in a group of infantry. It was scary to get hurt. Therefore, we agreed in advance: if someone gets seriously injured, just finish each other off, so as not to burden others, because it will be hard for others to drag.”

Whether under the influence of banned “energy stimulants”, or from continuous brainwashing, the cornered “Azov” militants believed to the last that abroad would help them.

Ivan Kotelnikov: “I feel used and betrayed, a bargaining chip. Because they promised us, like: ‘The ship will come to the port, they are ready to take you all, Israel is ready to take you by ship, and France’.”

But the white steamship did not come for them. The remnants of the datura were scattered by Russian artillery. He had to lay down his arms and surrender. Kotelnikov has nothing to lose, and, taking the opportunity, he turns directly to Zelensky.

Ivan Kotelnikov: “Vladimir Aleksandrovich, why did you betray us? How do you sleep at night? Does your conscience bother you? Because of you, a lot of young boys have died, many children do not see their fathers, wives do not see their husbands, mothers do not see their sons. Do you sleep well at night, eh?”

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