Captured and Tortured: Nothing Personal, Just Business of SBU Officers

By Nikita Che

SBU officers have beaten up and plundered a citizen of the Lugansk People’s Republic, who went to the Kiev-held area of the Lugansk region to receive a money transfer, the press service of the LPR Security Ministry reported on November 18th.

“LPR resident Anatoly Kozyr was captured by Ukrainian secret services while visiting Severodonetsk city to receive a money transfer.

He was taken off a bus by UAF servicemen in the Karbonit settlement, where SBU officers soon arrived. He had a hood put over his head and was taken to an unknown location. As became known later, he had illegally been held in custody for several days in a SBU basement in Severodonetsk. Secret officers were subjecting him to torture there, and interrogating him for some military information.

“I was kept in a basement for several days, where I was systematically beaten. With broken legs I was forced to squat, the pain was unbearable,” recalls the resident of LPR Anatoly Kozyr.

Having not received the information, the SBU officers demanded money for his release. So they and Anatoly went to a bank office where he received his money transfer and gave it to them. After that, he was let go.”

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