Captured UAF Soldier Told the Truth About the Failed Attack on Frunze in the LPR

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The wounded UAF serviceman Junior Sergeant of the 203rd aviation brigade Roman Fursov, who was taken prisoner, gave the details of the attempt by the UAF to breakthrough to the settlement of Frunze, reports the correspondent of the Federal News Agency.

According to Fursov’s testimony, on November 22nd the commander of the company Senior Lieutenant of the UAF Danilko (call sign “Sever”) summoned the serviceman to clarify the task with the commander of the company (call sign “Tor”). It is noteworthy that the third company consists mainly of soldiers of the former “Donbass” battalion.

“Near the bunker there were 7-10 people, who vividly discussed how to take the separatist position on Bakhmutka road. After a while ‘Tor’ left to clarify the task. He said that there is weak protection — the separatists have two persons on duty, and the others are so-so fighters. I.e. that it is possible to grab it without any efforts – no machine guns are even present,” stated the UAF serviceman.

According to Fursov, his task was to, after capturing the position, to deploy weapons – DShK and SPG – for a further advance towards the settlement of Frunze. The soldier explained that this order was given by the higher command.

“We had to take the position by 11 o’clock. After being briefed ‘Tor’ started dividing people into groups – three people in a shock group, and one sapper, one radio operator, and a sniper had to follow. I wanted to object, but didn’t. After this I left for my position. ‘Top’ obviously became nervous when he learned that I have only one SPG and one DShK,” remembers Fursov.

Already in the evening 20 SPG rounds, two boxes of DKSh ammunition, and five machine-gun belts were prepared for the operation. However, nothing went as planned. The next day at 7am the Junior Sergeant Fursov heard shooting and explosions. One of the soldiers asked for his help in evacuating the seriously wounded, but whilst trying to save the life of his comrade, the UAF fighter was wound himself.

“I moved forward towards the position where the fight was ongoing – I wanted to pull out the seriously wounded. There was an explosion – as a result I became wounded, I fell into a trench, and crawled into the bunker,” he concluded.

Proceeding from the testimony of the Ukrainian serviceman it is possible to draw the conclusion that nevertheless it was an offensive by the UAF, which is a flagrant violation of the Minsk Agreements.

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