Captured Ukrainian Militant: “Russians Are Good People, Good Soldiers”

NEW – May 28, 2022

Captured soldiers of the Ukraine Armed Forces described how their commanders abandoned them.

According to the Ukrainian serviceman Konstantin Numerovsky, during the retreat, the militants were simply forgotten. No information was provided to the military about where to move next. His words were confirmed by another prisoner Gritsenko:

“We dug in, sat for three days, the last day we sat without water, without food. Ours retreated, we stayed, no one warned us that we needed to retreat. When I realised that Russian troops had entered, I concluded that I needed to get out somehow.”

The soldiers who surrendered drew attention to the fact that they were being treated well, although the Ukrainian military assured them otherwise.

“Russians are good people, good soldiers… They do not mock, as Ukrainians say. They’re friendly, I want to say, one after another. Like brother to brother. Sister with sister. Ukrainians are not like that. They’re corrupt, bastards.”

A captured fighter of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with tears in his eyes says that he was abandoned to fight, “like meat”.

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