Carbon Copy: Nazi Germany and Today’s USA

I used to think that what is happening in the US is the October Revolution 4.0, now it is obvious that the whole scenario completely resembles the rise of the Nazis to power in Germany.

The Americans: turned the bandit Floyd, who was killed by white police officers, into an icon.

The Nazis: turned the street fighter Horst Wessel, who was killed by Red workers, into an icon.

The Nazis: began a crackdown on dissidents after the fake arson of the Reichstag.

The Americans: launched a crackdown against dissidents after the fake assault on the Capitol.

The Nazis: burned the books of racially inferior and ideologically harmful authors.

The Americans: remove films that do not meet the left-liberal ethics and cut scenes with ideological enemies; block opponents’ social networks.

The Nazis: made Jews, gays, and Gypsies second-class citizens.

The Americans: made second-class citizens of white heterosexual Christians of conservative views and sympathetic people of colour.

The Nazis: helped the Ukrainian Nazis.

The Americans: help the Ukrainian Nazis.

The Nazis: allowed only white Aryans without admixtures and heterosexuals into the elite, oppressing minorities.

The Americans: forming a new elite of LGBT people and minorities, oppressing the majority. The same skull measuring that Hitler had, only in the opposite direction.

The Nazis were supported by big business: Krupp, Hugo Boss, Mercedes, Puma.

BLM fighters are supported by large corporations and brands.

The Nazis considered Russia the main enemy.

Left-liberal Americans consider Russia the main enemy.

Left-liberal America is a crooked mirror of Nazi Germany, and soon they will begin to sieg heil from the sun to the heart.

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Sons of the Monarchy

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