“Carpathian C14” in Uzhgorod Marched on the City Streets And Did The “Sieg Heil” Salute

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The nationalist organisations of Uzhgorod staged marches across the city streets in memory of the Carpatho-Ukraine. This was reported by the website Uzhgorod.in.

Representatives of “Trizub”, Right Sector, the “United by war” union, the movement Carpathian Sich, and participants of the ATO participated in the march. All of them were dressed in black.

They held flags of UPA and black banners featuring the Ukrainian trident and symbols forbidden at European stadiums: a stylised celtic cross, a symbol of white suprematists, and inverted Wolfsangel runes – used by a number of SS divisions.

As if emphasising their disregard of European rules, the nationalists also waved flags of the European Union with a red cross. The leader of “Carpathian Sich” Taras Deyak assured journalists that the march doesn’t have an anti-Hungarian character, but is designed to show that in Transcarpathia there is someone protecting Ukrainian interests.

The activist of the alternative nationalist movement “Autonomous Resistance” Anton Parambul published on his “Facebook” page a photo that shows the participants of the march raising a hand in a Nazi salute.

“Nazi Germany and fascist Italy in 1939 blessed the ultra-right government of Hungary to drown the young and independent Carpatho-Ukraine in blood. Judging by the photo, today sieg-heiling neo-Nazis in Transcarpathia celebrated the destruction by their predecessors of the sprouts of Ukrainian independence,” wrote Parambul.

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