From the Carpathians to Kharkov: Ukraine Became Covered By a Network of Neo-Nazi “Azovets” Camps

Translated by Ollie Richardson 


The photographer of the American news agency Associated Press Efrem Lukatsky visited the third changeover in the summer camp for teenager Azovets, reports the Kiev magazine “Novoye Vremya”.

“Children feel very well what happens in society. When there is war, they play in war,” wrote Lukatsky, whose photo report was published in the magazine.

At the same time in the publication it is emphasized that the photographer “was struck by the discipline reigning there and the organization of all processes”.

“Azovets, the baby of the People’s Deputy and former commander of the Azov regiment Andrey Biletsky, works for the third summer in a row, and the teenagers coming here – aged from 9 up to 17 – are trained in medicine, the principles of survival, elements of tactical preparation, they learn to collect and assemble weapons, and also play paintball and laser tag and study history. Their instructors are the former military personnel of the Azov regiment who was involved in the ATO in the east of the country”, writes the magazine.

It is specified that the financing of camps, which organizers call military-patriotic, happens at the expense of charitable contributions, grants, and the payment of parents, and a two-week stay of one child costs 3,300 hryvnia.

“Azovets is one of seven children’s camps within the system of the Youth Corpus – the youth office of the political party National Corpus, created by the former fighters of Azov. Besides Kiev, similar camps exist in Kharkov, Cherkassy, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Ivano-Frankovsk and Chernigov. In total for this summer such camps were visited by nearly 900 children,” informs “Modern times”.

It should be noted that Azov was created on the basis of radical neo-Nazi and racist organizations, and the command of the National Guard, which structurally includes the regiment, said it was normal that fighters of Azov are sympathisers of national-socialist ideology.

The US, where financing and training of the “Azov” regiment  was legislatively forbidden [officially, but under the table the flow of money continues – ed], knows very well about the neo-nazism of “Azovets”.

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