The Case of the Coup: Eyewitnesses and Participants of Events Testify

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On Friday, December 16th, at the Dorogomilovsky district court of Moscow, the hearing continued on the claim of Ukrainian politician and the honoured lawyer of Ukraine, Vladimir Oleinik, on the recognition of events in Ukraine in 2014 as a state coup.

On the second day of the hearing, as a witness, the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov spoke. He stated that all the events in the Ukraine of those days were under the scrutiny of Western politicians and intelligence services, which conducted the event and were well aware of everything that was going on. According to the politician, foreign curators used to implement the coup, especially sent militants, particularly from Georgia and Poland.

“In relation to the participation of foreign high-level politicians in the activities of Maidan, from my point of view, this is shameless blatant interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine. It cannot be doubted! If John McCain makes a speech on Maidan and calls for the overthrow of the government – what more is there to be said?.. Also, the position of coaching a coup by the Americans was expressed, for example, in calls of Joe Biden to the Ukrainian President, and in the active participation of the Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt in the events on Maidan… They were preparing a state coup using militants!” said Mykola Azarov.

After the protesters began to massively seize administrative buildings, Azarov was invited to meet with the ambassadors of several EU countries.

“I gave them the facts of attacks on law enforcement officers and the seizure of buildings, using as proof people protected by their states passing from peaceful demonstrations to attempts to seize power. They listened to the speeches and made demagogic statements denying what is obvious. They said that there is a need to sit down at the negotiating table and negotiate. I asked the German Ambassador if the building of the German Chancellor had been stormed? He grinned, and said that in Germany, this is impossible, since Germany is a democratic country,” said Azarov.

Mykola Azarov stressed that the told President Viktor Yanukovych about the need to take measures to prevent riots, but the head of state stood in the position of “necessity of peaceful talks, grit, and patience“:

“As Prime Minister, I repeatedly raised the question before the President that in such circumstances it is impossible to work. And I don’t believe the clowns – Yatsenyuk, Tyagnibok and Klitschko. They always insisted on amnesty for their people, but why give them amnesty? They became more and more impudent… And I said that it is necessary to give the opposition with an ultimatum: either you calm down your subordinates or we use our constitutional powers. I repeatedly insisted on it, but no actual measures were taken that led to this lawlessness. Our problem was that we followed the law and the Constitution of Ukraine, while the conspirators did not consider it necessary to abide by them,” said Minister Mykola Azarov in court.

According to the information of Azarov, during those events, 23 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were killed, and 700 were injured, of whom 158 received gunshot wounds. “Who can use their voice to call this a peaceful resistance?” he concluded.

Besides the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov, the former head of the Presidential Administration Andriy Klyuev, former Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko, former Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka, and former Chairman of SBU Alexander Yakimenko were interrogated as witnesses. All of them believe that in Ukraine in February-March 2014, an armed unconstitutional seizure of power took place. Moreover, it was committed, at the behest and direct assistance of American and Western intelligence agencies.

About the participants of Maidan – its driving force, former Prosecutor of the country Viktor Pshonka stated the following: “I was acquainted with the text of the law on amnesty of participants of Maidan. It contains 80 articles, in which its participants are amnestied. Among them, there is banditry, infringement of life of law enforcement officers, and many other crimes, which in civilian life are classified as serious criminal offenses. The question is, who at this time were the participants of Maidan if not the criminals who violated the law?”

Speaking about the events of three years ago, the witnesses gave examples of direct threats and armed attacks on them and their family members.

“Cocktail bombs were thrown at the house where I was living, repeated assaults on the residence where I lived. The car of my wife was fired at from the burst of machine gun, and as a result, the car was burned, and my wife experienced a terrible shock. On February 21st, 2014, my guard was severely beaten. Then I was told that if it was me in his place, my fate would be sealed,” said the former Prime Minster.

By the way, in relation to the claimant Vladimir Oleinik and his family, pressure was also applied. He received about a thousand threatening messages, on the way out of Kiev, his car was smashed, and later about a hundred activists “came to visit” the house of the politician in Cherkassy.

“The consequences of “patriotism” are obvious: the division of the country, the population have in their hands 4 million weapons, there are thousands of killed, tens of thousands wounded, the total impoverishment of the people, all democratic institutions are destroyed, a system of fear is created. “Democrats” destroyed the legislative and judicial power of Ukraine. Just against me three criminal cases on false grounds were initiated, including the creation of the Committee of Rescue of Ukraine,” stated Vladimir Oleinik to reporters during the court break.

Next week the trial of the coup will continue. The interrogation of new witnesses is planned, and also documents including many videos, photos, and papers that were presented by Vladimir Oleinik will be studied. There is no shortcut to the truth, but he who walks will overpower the road. The truth about the events of February 2014 will be established, and then the Ukrainian people will be able to regain the right to rule.

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