The Case of Nasirov as a Prelude to the Case of Poroshenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


As the West desired and as was expected by ordinary Ukrainians, the serious dancings of activists around corruption in higher levels of power started in “independent” Ukraine. The pocket knife of Ukrainian justice reached the head of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU, was created at the insistence and with the assistance of the Americans) suspects the main squealer [Nasirov – ed] of the country of tasking with unreasonable delays the payment of rent to companies whose beneficiary is the People’s Deputy Aleksandr Onishchenko. According to Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, the actions of Nasirov caused damage to the state to the sum of about 2 billion hryvnias.

Detectives of NABU planned to arrest the high-ranking official at his workplace, but of course he wasn’t there. By the tradition that developed in Ukraine, Nasirov, after receiving information that a case is being built against him, had sharp “health issues”. The main squealer of “independent” Ukraine found himself in hospital in a disabled state. Hypertensive crisis. The unexpected illness of the suspect of corruption didn’t confuse the detectives. Having learned about his location, they exempted the patient from the guardianship of doctors, and brought him to Solomensky court of Kiev, where the measure of restraint of Nasirov was to be determined.

Of course, the case of Nasirov couldn’t but cause a lively response from the politically hyperactive population of Ukraine. People yearned juicy scandals long ago. The community headed by Mustafa Nayem with howls joined the anti-corruption fight.

“It seems they didn’t understand. Either we continue to further live in this absurdity, swallowing this marasmus and waiting for when we will be spat at in the face again. Or thieves, marauders, embezzlers of state funds, or swindlers will start to retreat. The case of Roman Nasirov must become a moment of truth,” wrote Mustafa with pathos on his page on the social network Facebook.

In reality, “the moment of truth” for Mustafa Nayem had to come in the first days of Euromaidan, when on its scene all the blossom of Ukrainian corruption defiled. However, at that time Mustafa, as well as the vast majority of Euromaidan protesters, preferred not to notice “thieves, marauders, embezzlers of state funds, and swindlers”. Those days they clapped their hands continuously, swallowing it all. And were very happy. And now suddenly Nayem decided to stop swallowing it. What, in 2014 he was very naive? What, those days Mustafa had poor judgement of the Ukrainian realities. Didn’t know what the leaders of “Euromaidan” represented, and who paid for these buffoons? And now he sharply grew wiser and began to see clearly? Or maybe there is no payment for swallowing anymore?

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Anyway, a meeting of activists took place on March 5th near Solomensky court of Kiev, which was summoned by Mustafa Nayem. Its purpose was to not give the official accused of corruption the opportunity to evade responsibility. “We don’t pressure the court. We demand that the court performs its work and adopts a lawful decision,” wrote Nayem in his appeal.

During this trial of the “unwell”, one more person involved in the case was left almost without attention – the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Aleksandr Onishchenko, who fled to the west. The piquancy of the situation consists of the fact that Onishchenko flew not empty-handed, but with a full “suitcase” of compromising evidence against his business partners, first of all the current president Petro Poroshenko.

As a reminder, the provident fugitive went for a long time to “business” meetings with the Ukrainian President with a dictaphone built in his watch. Probably the relations between Poroshenko and Onishchenko were so trustful that it didn’t enter anybody’s mind to arrange a personal inspection of the dear visitor. However, like a true Ukrainian, Onishchenko preferred to communicate with Poroshenko in the vicinity of the recording dictaphone. Obviously, it made him calm.

Of course, official Ukrainian media and courtier-experts still don’t notice the connection between the “case of Nasirov” and the “watch of Onishchenko”. Meanwhile, the connection exists, and it’s a straight line at that. All compromising evidence on the Ukrainian president and his environment emerged in the USA. The editor-in-chief of the Weekly Mirror newspaper Yulia Mostovaya already on December 2nd, 2016, in the article “Everyone takes the plunge!” named three main “cases” of compromising evidence on Petro Poroshenko.

“According to the sources from the near circle of the People’s Deputy, Onishchenko has several cases of records at his disposal. In the first one – purchasing of votes for necessary decisions in parliament. In the second one – an extortion of flows and shares in favor of the businessman Poroshenko and Co. In the third one – the distribution of shadow dividends with the same team in the sphere of work with ‘Ukrgazdobycha’,” reported Mostovaya.

The naivety of Ukrainian politicians, analysts, and all other writing fraternity surpasses all imaginable limits. They think that without Onishchenko’s “audio recordings” the Americans didn’t guess what dirty webs high-ranking Ukrainian officials are weaving. The American intelligence services shouldn’t be underestimated. The USA knew very well about what was going on in Ukraine, but for three years they closed their eyes to the lawlessness created by the Poroshenko regime. There is nothing unexpected in this. The corrupted politician is extremely easily led, and is a fine tool for the implementation of American plans in Ukraine. However, if the “tool” is infinitely stupid, and its use doesn’t result in the achievement of the goal, its requirement disappears.

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In three years Petro Poroshenko didn’t manage to involve Russia in the conflict in Ukraine. War is ongoing, but only nearby Russia. The West imposed trade and economic sanctions against her, but the Russian business only grows stronger because of it. At the same time, economies of European states suffer from the sanctions, which sooner or later will end with their cancellation. In addition, further confrontation with Russia negatively affects the rating of ruling parties in Europe and threatens their replacement by “pro-Russian” ones. The question arises, why is the Ukrainian circus necessary for the West now if its clowns cause only irritation?

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian elite live in the “hybrid world”, without noticing the changes happening around them. Poroshenko regularly pesters “big western brother” with his incessant requests to render to him political, financial, and military support for the continuation of war with Russia, and also with his empty desires to transport Ukraine into a shop-window of capitalist prosperity. What war? What shop-window? About what “Marshall plan” do Ukrainian politicians rave about? What is this nonsense? If Ukraine had any value for the West, then for sure neither Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Groysman, Parubiy, nor Avakov would be in power. Other more sane and worthy characters could be found.

Onishchenko’s audio recordings give the USA a formal reason to change their relation to Poroshenko’s regime. Corruption circumstances that “suddenly” opened allow the Americans to do exactly the same thing that they did with his predecessor. Let’s pay attention to the fact that for three years after election of Yanukovych as President, the USA treated him quite loyally. When he refused to sign the association agreement with the European Union, their attitude sharply exchanged. Washington, and also all its agencies in the form of Ukrainian workers in the media and non-governmental organizations, practically in one day made from Viktor Yanukovych an agent of the Kremlin and a fiend. Petro Poroshenko seemingly won’t manage to avoid a similar fate.

Recently, the vast majority of Ukrainian politicians completely lost any fear of Petro Poroshenko. They are not only not afraid of him, but have disdain for him, and allow themselves to say about him what is not usually permitted to say about the head of state. Because Poroshenko is not completely the head of state – he is rather a governor appointed by his owner. And this owner is at any time capable of dismissing him. Or maybe even worse…

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Quite a significant statement was made by one of the pro-American politicians – the former Minister of Defence of Ukraine, and the nowadays leader of the Coordination Council of the party “Civil Position” Anatoly Gritsenko. In his blog he, without mincing his words, described the situation around the “case of Nasirov” and especially highlighted the role of Petro Poroshenko in it.

“Maybe at last all will reach the understanding, in Ukraine and beyond its borders, that the main person ‘overseeing’ and ‘instigating’ this shameful action is himself the main corruptor and agitator is sitting on Bankova Street. Let the guarantor this time once again violate the investigation, violate the court, humiliate NABU … let him ‘win’ and release ‘his’ Nasirov. Let’s all see how vigorously the guarantor-oligarch covers corrupt officials who steal billions from us, including thanks to his agreements with other oligarchs. Perhaps then the country will realize quicker that after the Revolution of Dignity its first chair was occupied by a villain. He herded himself into a deadlock long ago. By offshores, by blind trusts, ‘by Rotterdam’ deals, by trade ‘on blood’, by the failure of reforms, and daily PR lies,” wrote Anatoly Gritsenko.

Petro Poroshenko surpassed all his predecessors with his degree of naivety. Really, he didn’t understand three years ago what role the West prepared for him? He didn’t guess that under its leadership Ukraine will be brought to actual bankruptcy, and then he himself will be appointed as the “scapegoat”?! Perhaps Petro Poroshenko didn’t know how Ukrainian nationalists, who de facto after the February coup became the second power in Ukraine, would relate him?! Poroshenko isn’t aware that nazis call him in no other way than Waltsman? How stupid did he have to be to appoint Groysman as Prime Minister? Moreover, in three years Poroshenko-Waltsman managed to incite pit absolutely all political forces against him – all oligarchs and security officers. That’s why everything points to the fact that soon he will be “eaten”. And NABU with the case of Nasirov is something like the napkin that is used in restaurants to wrap cutlery. And, it seems that the “napkin” is already started to be unraveled in order to take a chunk from Petro Poroshenko.

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