Case of Sheremet: Ukrainian Radicals Attacked Journalists At a Court Hearing

At a hearing on the case of Yuliya Kuzmenko, who is suspected of killing the journalist and radio presenter of “Vesti” Pavel Sheremet, in the Court of Appeal of Kiev on December 24th, there was a clash between Kuzmenko’s associates and representatives of the publication “”.

It is reported that representatives of the website of the blogger Anatoly Shary came to the court hearing. The associates of Yuliya Kuzmenko pushed and kicked them out of the courthouse, including the known journalist Antonin Belyazov, who was listed third on the list of the “Shary Party”. It is reported that the journalist was called “swine” and “provocateur”.

The hournalist Belyazov called the police to the courthouse – the police arrived.

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) condemned the attacks on journalists.

Thus, Chairman of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Sergey Tomilenko wrote on his Facebook page about attacks on journalist Dmitry Kucher, who works for “” and the “Legal Control of Ukraine” website. He was humiliated, insulted, and threatened.

Tomilenko also reported that the “” journalist Yuliya Korzun was threatened in the courtroom.

In addition, threats and obscene language were aimed at the information TV channels “112“, “ZIK“, and “NewsOne“. The journalist from the “ZIK” TV channel Alla Zhiznevskaya was hit on the hands so she couldn’t film on her phone.

“Law enforcement must respond harshly to every case of attacks and threats against journalists. The government should demonstrate political will – and condemn the division of journalists into ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’,” wrote Tomilenko.

At the exit of the court our journalist was attacked. He was kicked and doused with urine. A group that included Sternenko surrounded him. Our lawyers and the police are at the location right now. Zelensky, you will have law or why you were elected?” said the deputy editor-in-chief of the ‘” website Olga Shary on her Facebook page.

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