The Categorical Imperative of Russian Security

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The highest Russian leadership presents as a priority national task the growing readiness for reformation of the country.

Media reports are coming literally in flows about the further building up of Russia’s military power.

Here’s the news in just the last few days:

1. The deep renovation and modernization of the guided missile cruiser “Marshal Ustinov” is complete, which right now is in the sea undergoing acceptance tests. Another two of the same type of cruiser – “Varyag” and “Moscow” – will be next.


2. Completion of the second frigate of the newest project 22350 “Admiral Kasatonov” continues. Its transfer to the fleet is planned for next year.

3. The second in a series of ships for marine logistics “Vsevolod Bobrov”, with a displacement of 9 tons, was launched.

4. Construction near Murmansk of the new missile defence Early Warning Radar “Voronezh DM” continues, which as reported will be three times more powerful than existing ones.

5. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation made the decision to recondition T-80BV tanks, which will be upgraded to the latest T-90 tanks. According to the specialized publication MilitaryBalance, currently, there are 3,000 T-80BV tanks in the warehouses of the Russian army.

6. Russia decided to increase expenses for the base of land forces on the border with Ukraine by 1.5 times. In total it is planned to spend 1.4 billion rubles on the construction of the facility in the city of Klintsy of the Bryansk region.

7. Four new multifunctional Su-35S fighter jets were sent from Komsomolsk-on-Amur and transferred to the Russia airforce. These aircraft are the first jets under the new five-year contract for the supply of 50 Su-35S. In 2016, the first ten Su-35S must be transferred to the Russian airforce according to the contract.

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8. In Irkutsk the first flight was performed of the new Su-30CM fighter jet, built at the Irkutsk aviation plant JSC “Irkut Corporation” for the Naval aviation of the Russian Navy. In total, 28 Su-30CM were ordered for the Naval aviation of the Russian Navy.

9. The new pontoon Park PP-2005, constructed in accordance with the contract signed in 2015, was transferred to the Russian army.

10. At the Kazan aviation plant named after S. P. Gorbunov (a branch of OAO “Tupolev”) the reconstruction of key technologies for the resumption of mass production of the Tu-160 strategic bomber started.

11. Aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” after the end of the military campaign in the Mediterranean sea will be delivered for repair with deep modernization in 2018. In the same year it is planned to complete the modernization of the heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” and the beginning of similar work on the battlecruiser “Peter the Great”.

12. At the same time the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are performing in Syria the largest operational-strategic operation, on the approaches to which the largest-ever group of Russian Navy is deployed.


I will repeat once again – this is only the current media reports over the past few days, which, of course, do not fully reflect the whole spectrum of military efforts of Russia. The same density picture of intensive activities of strengthening the defensive capacity of Russia and its transformation into a truly first-class world military power, which is surely protected against any possible aggression, is typical also for any other time period over the past few years.

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It is quite obvious that the Russian military-industrial complex has fully overcome the consequences of the total collapse and degradation of the 1990’s-early 2000’s and has reached such a level of capacity that allows to provide the highest rate of all-around development and improvement of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Thus, judging by the ongoing peak intensity of these processes, the Russian leadership is taking all measures to ensure that the negative economic events of recent times do not stop the implementation of the corresponding defence plans and programmes. And this, in turn, reflects the understanding by the Supreme power of Russia of the unconditional priority to ensure the military security of the country, along with a strong hold of socio-political stability, above all other interests and objectives. Awareness, which only becomes stronger against the background of the indisputable successes in strengthening its position in the world, that Russia, in pursuing this course, has already reached.

It is obvious that under such a proven system of priorities all the work of the state body will be optimised – from mechanisms of governance to schooling and mass education. This, while fragmentary, is observed. It cannot be excluded that also the current anti-corruption movement at a high-level is also a part of this optimization and is aimed at filling management positions with personnel that focus on the aforementioned priorities and important task. There are people in Russia that are very talented, who have a sense of civic duty and are conscientious. And if it is especially them who will become in the future the backbone of this big breakthrough, which is already happening before our eyes, this country, no doubt, will go far!

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