Ceilings Cave in & Walls Crumble: Daily Life in Dolomitnoye Under the UAF’s Indiscriminate Shelling

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The settlement of Dolomitnoye is practically the most northern part of Gorlovka. A winding and weathered track leads to here from Golmovsky, which is already known to all. And behind one of the turns there are houses and a thin string of railroad tracks.

Trains haven’t come here for a long time — since the beginning of war. In general Dolomitnoye is actually the frontline. Having passed by some streets, it is possible to see how flags of the “liberators” [Ukraine – ed] flutter in the wind. There are almost no locals left here, as well as intact houses.

The settlement began to be subjected to especially active shelling after the Gladosovo operation, because it covers Gladosovo, which lies in the valley, and fighters of the DPR began to pose a threat to the Ukrainian troops. During the UAF’s operation they weren’t able to occupy the settlement, so now they methodically and regularly try to wipe it from the face of the Earth.

We meet one of female residents of the settlement. She went on foot to the neighboring settlement to see her granddaughter.

“Call me Nina Ivanovna. I live Here. They shell us horrifically. The windows shake, the ceilings crumble, the walls cave in. I covered the cracks with carpets, and this is how I live. Where else can I go? And here we don’t live, it is possible to say that we just survive,” said the woman, showing her farmhouse that was destroyed by shelling.

A similar situation is observed also at other houses. It is difficult to distinguish an inhabited house from an uninhabited one. We met one more woman near one of the houses with windows covered with film.

“You heard it when you came. When will it come to an end already? I can’t sleep. I am on edge. The shelling began, I go to run to the basement, but my son says: ‘It’s better to remain sat down’. This basement is three meters, it’s small. My son’s leg was sprained. He can’t even go to Golma to obtain protective film for the windows. The wind blows into the house,” complains the inhabitant.

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