In the Center Of “European” Odessa, Ukrainian “Patriots” Massively Beat up Foreigners

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Odessa, Ukrainian ultras after the last football match, beat up fans from the EU and a Danish tourist who accidentally found themselves in the “meat grinder”. This was reported on the social network page of the Odessa human rights activist Oksana Chelishcheva.

According to her, an elderly tourist from Denmark arrived in Odessa in search of a life partner. When they met, they decided to take a walk in the evening city. But, unfortunately, they ran into a crowd of ultras.

“Already on the first day beautiful Marina decided to show him Deribasovskaya Street, where he received a blow to the head with a hammer, was kicked and punched, then robbed. But now I know what Yevreyskaya hospital is like – there are no medicines there, I know that the nurse’s salary is 1600 UAH.

But what horror… I and the emergency doctor brought Jesper to the waiting room, and there — it is like a front-line hospital. His broken head was the fourth one… the doctors were cleaning and stitching the broken heads of an Irishman, one Englishman, one Welshman. These ones were assaulted by football ultras.

While Jesper and I were questioned by the arriving Prosecutor and investigator, they received calls about broken heads of two Georgians. The doctor said that the German with a head injury is being brought in… the investigator said to me: “Is this Europe?!?… Here there is such banditry,” noted Chelishcheva.


The human rights activist also noted the concern of EU countries towards its citizens: “The Embassy called concerning the situation of the victim in Odessa – a citizen of Denmark. Together with them we found out that Jesper has nothing to do with football. The Embassy is now definitely in contact with him. The investigator from the security of the OSCE mission also called. We are glad that the poor man is safe. Already in the night the representative of the Danish insurance company, whose client is Jesper, called too. They resolved the problem of payment for his hotel room”.

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