Chechen Persuades Vandal to Apologise for Desecrating a Monument to Soviet Soldiers in Budapest

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The native of Grozny Magomed published on YouTube a video with the apology of the vandal who painted a monument to the Soviet soldier-liberators on the central square of Budapest.

On April 18th, two activists protesting against the Hungarian authorities threw balls with yellow paint at the monument on Liberty Square. They broadcasted their actions live on Facebook.

On April 19th, a video surfaced on the Internet in which a native of Chechnya spoke about the successful capture of one of the vandals during “investigative actions”. The young people had with him an explanatory discussion after which he agreed to publicly apologise.

The Hungarian, in both English and Hungarian, stated that he “is really ashamed” about the event. Hurting somebody’s feelings wasn’t the purpose of their action, but on the contrary, the activists sought to unite society in the fight for bright ideals, but made a “mistake”.

The monument’s pedestal at the present moment is already clean from the traces of vandalism.

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