Chief of the UAF Promised That There Will Be Enough Shells for Everyone

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The explosion in the Kharkov area not only wounded more than 70 UAF servicemen (as the LPR reported) and inhabitants of the peaceful city of Balakleya, but also destroyed the main fighting ammunition storage of Ukraine. However, Kiev isn’t despondent about it, because, apparently, there are alternative places to find something to fire at the peaceful residents of Donbass.

The written-off weapons that were nearly sold to Ethiopia will arrive in the armouries of the UAF once again. As the Chief of the General Staff of the UAF Viktor Muzhenko declared, the ammunition will be enough for all who encroaches on the Ukrainian land. He stated this in a video address published on Facebook concerning the situation after the explosion in warehouses in Balakleya.

“Regarding the situation in Balakleya. The enemy won’t break us, neither by sabotage, nor by special operations. The ammunition will be enough for all who encroaches on the Ukrainian land. We stood up in 2014, and we will stand up also in 2017,” stated Muzhenko.

Apparently he forgot that it is exactly the Ukrainian authorities who unleashed punishers, encroached on the land, and continuously shell it using different types of artillery weapons. Moreover, by already making most of “their” land unsuitable for agriculture and the further lives of civilians of Ukraine, perhaps they already said goodbye to it, and therefore continue to do damage to the inhabitants of Donbass.

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