Child Injured, Elderly Woman Killed, Pregnant Woman Wounded After Ukraine Massively Bombarded the DPR’s Residential Areas

NEW – June 8, 2022

As a result of today’s shelling of the centre of Donetsk by the UAF, a child (born in 2016) and two women (born in 1973 and 1987, respectively) were injured (one of them is 31 weeks pregnant).

This was announced by the head of the city administration Aleksey Kulemzin.

The explosions occurred in the Voroshilovsky district, on Universitetskaya Street.

“Some kind of whistle… We thought it was a (car) accident. And then, everything flew…”

As it turned out, as a result of the shelling, a woman who worked at the “Press” stall was injured. According to an employee who came to restore order in the broken booth, the victim has a leg injury.

Another eyewitness of the shelling told “Izvestiya” correspondent Aleksandr Safiullin about the terrible roar.

“It feels like a ten-story house collapsed just like that, that was the sound,” she said.

Elsewhere in the DPR today:

“Ukraine methodically wipes us off the face of the earth every day, soon one huge crater will remain from the village.”

Irina Petrovskaya, a resident of the Donetsk village of the Trudovskaya mine, conducted an excursion for the correspondent of “Donbass Decides”. The road is cratered, there are ruins and ashes all around.

“There are no coal mines, no bus stops, no shops left in the village anymore. And every day, arrivals from the UAF wipe out another few houses from the face of the earth. There are no military here, where are they hitting?” the woman literally cries.

Today a resident of Makeevka, an elderly woman, was killed in her own yard by a Ukrainian shell, and a man was injured on Industrialnaya Street.

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The daughter of the murdered woman, Olga, finds it very difficult to find words to describe the tragedy:

“It flew into a neighbouring house and killed my mother with shrapnel, broke her spine. My disabled dad was also wounded by shrapnel. During the shelling, my mother was in the yard, taking care of the flowers.”

Also today, the artillery of the UAF hit the Leninsky district of Donetsk. The building of kindergarten No. 1 was broken.

The Ukrainian shelling of Kokkinaka Street in Makeevka struck the driver of a large truck in motion.

One of the shells landed right on the vehicle.

“The driver turned out to be a real professional – he managed to instantly dump the container on reflexes, disconnected from it,” the correspondent of the “Donbass Decides” channel testifies from the scene.

Elena Nikolaevna, the owner of a house damaged by Ukrainian shelling on Sakko and Vantsetti Street in Makeevka:

“I was sitting at home, talking on the phone. When suddenly there were very big bangs. I fell. There was no end to these bangs.”

“If I had stayed in the kitchen, it would’ve killed me,” she said.

“How much can you mock us? It’s the ninth year we’ve been suffering!” – the words of the civilians of Donetsk who were again shelled by the armed formations of Ukraine today.

A shell hit the building next to the place of residence of these women, but their house was also shaking because of the force of the impact.

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