A Child on a Pitchfork and Severed Heads: A Monument to the Victims of the Volyn Massacre Was Unveiled in Poland

Translated by Ollie Richardson



A new monument to the victims of the Volyn tragedy caused a new Polish-Ukrainian scandal. This was reported by Zaxid.net.


It is planned to establish the monument in the National Park of Memory in Torun. In the center of the monument there is a stylised eagle featuring a cross in the middle with a child impaled on a pitchfork.

The fencing resembles a fiery flame with the chopped-off heads of the victims of the tragedy impaled on sticks. On the monument the names of the settlements where Poles were killed and also died during 1942-47 are specified.

As a reminder, this monument refers to the “Volyn massacre”, during which groups of OUN-UPA killed thousands of peaceful Polish inhabitants.

“We demand permission from Ukrainians to exhume the Poles who died in Ukraine at the time of totalitarian regimes and, in particular, the victims of the Volyn tragedy. I very much doubt that the establishment of such a monument will help us in this case. Because in international relations it is natural that every action causes a certain reaction and response,” stated Andrzej Szeptycki from the Institute of International Relations of Warsaw University.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Poland meanwhile hasn’t yet commented on the new monument.

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